Despite a great stride in the workplace being made by the women still there remains an imbalance as the female workers are still fewer in comparison to the male workers. The women empowerment is considered essential at the international level for promotion and the imbalance at workplace is a great obstacle in promoting it. In this regard, the Melbourne University has taken steps forward by making the female only the eligible candidates to apply for mathematic academia. Not only in universities, but in politics as well, we can see this bias. Here is an interesting infographics about distribution of male and females jobs before entering in the Australian cabinet

Melbourne University Tackling Gender Imbalance

The Melbourne University has been male dominant, which is evident from the fact that three fourth of the total mathematic academics comprise male. The gender imbalance in the mathematics and the statistic branch at the Melbourne University has been perceived to be a great problem. Considering the severity of this problem, the University has given advertisement to fill up the vacancies at mathematics and statistics student help branch by recruiting the female candidates only. This move of the University is appreciable and promoting the women empowerment while reducing the workplace imbalance at the same time.

Current Situation

This situation is required to be analyzed seriously and measures are to be taken to promote the females in the field of mathematics and technology in Australia. Not only this, even in physical education for students, gender inequality is observed. This paper on physical education brings up this issue. In this regard, equal opportunity act has been promulgated in Australia, which provides for employing such mechanism that promotes equality and gives equal chance to all. The Melbourne University has adopted the equal opportunity act to strike out a proper balance between the male and female at the mathematics and statistic branch.

Why gender equality is important?

The gender equality is about providing equal opportunity and rewards regardless of the gender that the candidate may belong. In the recent decade, there have been a lot of talks about the women empowerment in every sector all around the world including Australia. The gender equality helps in placing the right talent at the right place and making best use of the talent available in a country. Further, there are other advantages of the gender equality such as better performance of the organization, improvement in the national productivity and competitiveness etc. Therefore, the gender equality is crucial for the welfare of the society and the country as a whole.

How to resolve gender inequality      

The principles of the women empowerment require the organizations to raise awareness and reduce the biasness at all levels including the executive and leadership. The organizations must encourage the women to take part in the top management and involve them in the decision making process. Further, it is important to evaluate and adjust the performance and talent management process at the organization to eliminate the gender inequality.

This article addresses the issue of gender equality at the Melbourne University and the ways that it has adopted to tackle these issues. Further, the article elaborates the importance of the gender equality for the organizations and the ways that the organizations can adopt to promote it. The discussion in this article is highly important to those pursuing higher studies in the human resource management.

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