In this contemporary age of digital marketing, businesses have got plethora of choices of available channels for advertising and promotion of products and services.  Social media marketing has transpired to be as most cost efficient option for businesses today to reach, interact, and involve target customers while fostering their sales, and improving ROI.

In Social Media Marketing, Innovation is Cardinal, here’s why:

Social media is heavily crowded with lots of businesses and institutions striving in their course. According to a 2017 survey “What works in Online marketing”, about 95% of marketing managers are planning to increase their social media marketing budgets. With the presence of such enormous competition, you need to devise campaigns with aegis of innovation in order to gain fruitful results.

For some businesses, social media marketing is only the act of making a presence over social media platforms, which is certainly not enough. It requires more than merely posting promotional content all day long and bombarding audience with dull campaigns. People crave something innovative and exciting, for that your campaigns must be engaging and intriguing.

How to Inspire Innovation in your Social Media Promotion

Bringing uniqueness and novelty are two cornerstones in our case. In order to stand out, first, you got to differentiate your campaign(s) from competitors’. If your campaign looks same and is not different than others’, all your content blends into the background as worthless white noise.  Secondly, doing innovative means presenting audience something novel-something they have never seen or heard of before. You can use following strategies to come up with more innovative promotion campaigns:

#1: Keeping up with Trends:

You need to constantly tap into ongoing trends to create buzz around your brand. Create your own voice so that you standout from the clutter. You need to expedite News jacking- aligning your brand with latest news and events, and thereby piggy-backing on the momentum.

#2: Surprising Audience:

One of the super fire ways to grab audience attention and engagement is through creating surprise. Do some amusing stats along with some shocking extent which can be excellent attention grabber. Surprises and freebies can be efficacious, hit the bull’s eye by organizing contests and giveaways on your social media channel, this way your brand can have lasting impression.

#3: Hitting Emotions:

One useful strategy for creating a viral content is striking audiences’ emotional chord. Like good brands, you need to manage to strike a note and involve your audience emotionally in your campaigns. Your brand can stand out as a tough leader by simply evoking audiences’ right motion – in the right way – at the right time.  Often times, discussing a controversial issue can prove to be good way of boosting exposure and surprise reader at the same time

#4: Create Appealing Content:

Social media marketing can only be as good and your content. Visually appealing content boosts your brand’s exposure since audience are likely to share posts which encapsulates eye catching photos and videos. In social media marketing, you can move the world, entice audience, drive conversations, and boost brand exposure and improve its visibility as long as you create the proper content for the audience it’s going to make your campaign a success.

#5: Breaking Rules:

There are informal rules over Social Media platforms, the criterion for what to post and how to post. In order to bring uniqueness and novelty you need to push the envelope, blend these rules to bring sort of innovation in your campaigns.

Doing something innovative can be risky, albeit in most cases pays-off well. In addition to concoct innovative content, you need to be able to answer customers’ queries, give them information and offer solutions in a timely manner.


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