One of the best ways to promote your business nowadays is to make use of a website and social media marketing strategies.

One of the best and most common platforms that webmasters choose to use is the platform. Not only is it easy to use but it provides a whole range of options for the everyday Joe to create a custom website that is ready to deliver a punch in the online world.

However, the one mistake that a lot of new webmasters or business owners forget to do is make use of Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search engine Optimization or SEO is the optimization of a website to increase its standings within the Google or other search engine’s search indexes.

This can have a massive impact on your WordPress site as the higher your website is on the search index, means the greater amount of unique visitors your site will receive.

Which is a very good thing.

So how can you make use of SEO ?

According to an Adelaide SEO company with more information, the best place to start is to make use of correct keywords within the content of your website.

By making use of keywords you will be promoting certain aspects of your website to the search engine crawler, the crawler then associates your website with your chosen keywords and then updates its index with your websites rankings.

Because of the nature of Google’s different algorithms, it is important to make sure that all your keywords and content is 100% unique and organic, meaning that it must be original and be in line with the scope of your website.

If your content and keywords are not organic it could cause Google to “punish” your site by taking it down for either a short period of time or permanently.

Other Tactics you can Use

Social media

Some of the other SEO tactics you can make use of is to integrate social media with your website. WordPress makes this super easy to do as you have the option of thousands of themes which all have the social media features.

By linking your social media you will be helping boost your sites ranking within the Google search engine index as your site will often see an increase in visitors which helps your Page Rank ratings.


One of the easiest ways to ensure that your site gets visitors is to make use of a good looking theme that is easy to read and simple, just like a human Google’s web crawler will have an easier time indexing your website if it is laid out in a simple manner.

Blog Posts

Not only are a blog post a way to update your customers and readers on what is happening with your business but it is also a great way to help your site generate income and improve your standings within the Google search index.

The more you post the greater your influence will become, just make sure your posts are correct.