The time to do some spring cleaning has arrived again. For many people, spring cleaning sounds tedious and boring compared to all the adventures and outdoor fun the good weather offers. It’s easy to dread and procrastinate on the thought of spending an entire weekend cleaning. However, dusting off the corners and fixing up your place are some things you just have to work through every year.

Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

Before you can go out to enjoy the weather, make sure that your place is kept clean, organized, and habitable. Don’t worry. Soon, you’ll find that the time and effort will be worth it when your place ends up smelling nice and looking fresh, in perfect harmony with the warm spring weather outside.

Here are a few tips to make apartment spring cleaning feel less like a chore and more like an easy tick off your to-do list.

Start with a good plan and schedule

The key thing with spring cleaning is to be systematic. If you are someone who owns a lot of things and who tends to get a bit messy through the years, trying to sort through everything can be daunting. Don’t let the prospect of cleaning all of your rooms overwhelm you.

With the right method, you will have your apartment prepped and lined up for the rest of the season. The best technique to prepare is to create a schedule that indicates each task. You can make it as specific as listing down the tasks by the hour.

Take a break in between

Taking a break in between bursts of productivity can be a good way to get you going through your whole apartment. You can do this by timing yourself in 30 to 45-minute intervals.

Every time you take a break, you can make sure you have a lot of moral and physical support. Rest and drink some water or have some snacks. You can also use the short break to motivate yourself when you see how much you’ve accomplished already.

Go through the rooms one-by-one

Here’s a quick guide to how you could do your spring cleaning by room:

  • Bedroom – Flipping your mattress is something you should do every season. Since it’s also the start of spring, make sure to do away with your winter bedding. Store your heavier blankets and comforters away as you welcome the warmer weather.
  • Closet – It’s also time to pack up your winter clothes and seasonal coats. Put all of your warm clothes at the front of your closet. While you’re at it, you can sort through your closet for clothes and accessories you don’t wear anymore. You can also mark them as things you would donate on another day.
  • Home Office – Organize your paperwork. You can also clean up and sort through your gadgets, from your computer and TV to the different cables you have in storage.
  • Bathroom – Go through your medicine cabinet, make-up kit, and toiletries. Check for the expiration dates and throw away anything you can’t use anymore. It’s also the time to change toothbrushes if you haven’t changed them in the last three months.

After everything, you can do a general dust cleaning. Dust over things you usually don’t clean regularly, like your shelves or light fixture. Blinds and vents also accumulate a lot of dust.  You also need some time to work through your windows, and to vacuum and shampoo your carpet if you have one. Before you know it, you’ll be done with spring cleaning and you’ll be free to enjoy the great outdoors.

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