A new person in the field of escorting can find it quite confusing and intimidating. Often newbies wonder whether they should enrol to an agency or just be an independent.

If you are planning to start your career as an escort then below are some helpful tips to get you started?

While there are few successful agencies like LOveSita available in Paris, plenty of escorts are registered, the other are unregistered and illegal. Nonetheless, there are few others where escorts may not have very pleasant experience associating with them.

So then how one should go about? Following are few tips that may help you to decide how you can exercise your choice.

1. You may start with a well-known agency

The world of escorts is little confusing for any young girl who will need little guidance to understand how the business goes. The problem is no one from your family will provide any guidance about choosing the right agency.

Fortunately, internet is the best source from where you get information and a chance to explore few escort agencies. Even contact the girls registered there to get a review about the agency. However, there may be some escorts who may not respond to your query but there will be a few who will obviously share their experience.

2. Make list of agencies

Try to find out the reliability of agencies that you have explored from different sources. We can bet all of them may not be too safe to work with. You can read the reviews of their clients posted on their website. Try to find out which agencies are managed by any women. Generally, agencies run by women will be little more considerate about the problem with a newbie and it may be comfortable to work with them to start with.

3. Reject the agency if they want to sleep with you

Few agencies may ask you to sleep with them in order to prove that you can really do the job. Don’t fall on this trap as they just want to exploit your situation. Many girls who were exploited by such agencies may suggest you to do it independently however as a newbie it can be little intimidating unless you know how to make deal with the clients as an escort.

4. Agency will take certain percentage of your earning

If you are working in an agency then you must understand that they will expect you to surrender sizeable amount of your earning to them. Therefore, your earning will be considerably less if you work under any agency. However, for a new comer to this industry, agency will help you to learn the various tricks of this trade and learn how to deal with various kinds of clients. You will also know what are the various terms and conditions or limitations that you should set with clients.

5. Start your agency after you have gained sufficient experience

If you are totally pissed off working with an agency then you can decide to open your own agency. However, you must remember if you run your own agency then you have to spend for advertisement, safety of your escorts, etc.

Decision about working for an agency or as an independent escort is entirely subjective. However, while working under agency you can maintain confidentiality, but as an independent escort, you will possibly get recognized.