Music brings your store to life, giving shoppers a whole new way to experience the atmosphere you’ve so carefully crafted for them. Live bands and radio broadcasts can be fun for special events, but on a regular Tuesday, it’s important that the ambiance given off by your business remains consistent with the products you have for sale and the crowd you’re looking to attract. This is where in-store music providers shine – these services provide high-quality, reliable audio, along with a high level of control over the sound and volume your customers experience.

When choosing in-store music, it’s important to keep the role music plays in your store’s overall presentation in mind. There are many reasons why an in store music service is the right choice for your business, including those listed below.

Music Saves (4/16/11)

Monitoring Popular Music Trends

It’s important for many businesses to project an image of being in-step with current trends. If your music is stale, customers may see your products as less desirable and more outdated than they may actually be. Professional music providers have their fingers on the pulse of the musical community and keep their catalogs updated with the newest sounds. Instead of spending your time monitoring radio stations and local bands, you can be more involved with your business when you let the professionals handle the music.

Legalities and Technicalities

You hardly have the time to balance the company ledger, when are you going to find the time to check out every song your live entertainers intend to play to ensure they can legally play them in your store? All the music provided by a commercial service is fully licensed, artists are properly reimbursed and you can rest assured that you won’t have lawyers beating down your doors over pirated music your part time disk jockey played a year ago, on a day when a member of the band’s legal team happened to wander by.

The Music Goes On and On

Live bands need bathroom breaks and the radio is full of advertisements. That transition between music and a lack of music can be jarring to customers, who may not realize they’re partially engaged in the background noise. Anything and everything that agitates customers, even on a subconscious level, can result in smaller and fewer sales – rattling psyches is simply not good for business. Endless music fills the air with a gentle subtext that whispers soothing things into customers’ ears.

Keeping it Consistent

Sure, chaos can be fun sometimes – wandering into the unknown is a human pastime as old as humanity itself. But if you want to sell your store’s image, you have to keep it consistent. The music is as important a part of that atmosphere as the color of the walls, the lighting and the décor that you so carefully chose to bring your vision to life. Your store’s image gets confused when you blast a radio assortment of music at customers who are trying to melt into your presentation.

Quality is Key

Business owners have tough choices to make every day and justifying an additional expense can be difficult for the best managers. But if you’re still playing the same album from the day your store opened 15 years ago, or if your old radio crackles and pops randomly at customers, people will notice. Whether they realize it or not, customers are affected by a myriad of subtle clues to determine if they’re going to spend their money at your store – the quality of the background music and its ability to almost disappear into the shop’s walls is just one of them. When something seems out of place or a single element is overly chintzy, customers will take their money elsewhere.

Manipulating the Environment

A consistent atmosphere is vital to the retail shopping experience, but restaurants and other businesses with patronage that comes in waves may need to vary the tempo throughout the day. In store music solutions offer you a wide range of music channels to choose from – you can play up-tempo music during the lunch rush, then slow it down for longer, more leisurely dinners.

Music breathes life into your store, but unless you choose it carefully and have a high level of predictability from your provider, your store may lurch around like Frankenstein’s Monster. Keep the atmosphere under control and everything moving smoothly by choosing in-store music from a professional service provider – your customers will thank you for the stability by spending their extra dollars in your store and coming back with their friends in tow.

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