Short answer? Yes.

The legal laws and standards of the Judiciary of the United States of America is quite complicated to be handled by the Landlords themselves. We say, it’s best to leave the Law to the legal representatives who can fight for you in your behalf.

At the end of the day, landlords- big time developers or smaller folks- are still businessmen looking to make a quick buck without facing liabilities. You needn’t have a lawyer on your rolls but it’s wise to consult a trusted attorney should you spot a legal issue in the horizon. And when it comes to eviction, you better pay attention to your lawyer’s recommendations because it will save you the hassle in the long run.

The nuts and bolts of eviction

The legal system further drives home the point that it will be a hassle to evict a tenant without a due fight. Depending on the standards of the presiding Judge, you may asked to produce legal documents that prove your claims and judgement on the reason of eviction.

You know you need legal representation if:

  • Should this be your first eviction
  • The tenant decides to approach the courts and hires an attorney
  • The tenant happens to be an employee
  • If he/she is about to file for bankruptcy
  • And more.

It doesn’t always imply that you need to approach the courts to evict a tenant. But there have been situations where the tenants have approached the Legal system which is followed by lot of complications and stringent paperwork. Should such a situation arise, it’s time to call in for help.

Should You Hire An Attorney To Evict Your Tenant?

“The tree came crashing down..”

If an unforeseen event happens and the house is affected by a physical calamity such as an overgrown tree crashing down on the porch, there is a likelihood that your tenant might sue you for damages.

If the amount seems huge, we suggest you consult an attorney and approach your insurance provider. Should the amount seem small, you can pay it off your wallet but should the tenant’s demand seem outrageous, it’s time to call in the professionals and let us handle your requirements.  

On the other hand, we can help with legal requirements for selling your real estate as well.

When should you call a Lawyer?

Generally, in most states, eviction cases take much less time to process than regular civil cases. For fast tracking the process, you need to obey certain highly specific laws such as notifying the tenant about the upcoming case filing all the way to filing the appropriate legal paperwork. It might look like a slam-dunk win scenario, but believe us when we say it’s not so rosy and easy as it seems. Since its the residence of the tenant’s home at stake, judges often set higher standards for providing a chance for the landowner to score.

Suppose your tenant sues you for a personal injury claiming you liable for it. Personal injury case lawyers are well versed in handling their storylines and quite better than you. And you may not be in a psychological state to confront him and thus it’s an agreeable scenario that you leave the matter to professional “emotionally detached” attorneys.

Consider the scenario where the tenant decides to sue for a leaky roof or  weak furniture. In high stake situations like this, you liability policies will kick in and you’ll have to settle it with your insurance provider. A professional Lawyer can come in handy to clear out the mess.

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