Legal issues can get severely out of hand if they are not handled well under the guidance of a lawyer. There are many people who reside in various parts of the world and have no clue regarding the legal matters. This lack of information often jeopardizes more of their rights than one can anticipate. Hence, when it comes to one’s business it is very important that you ensure you have sole ownership of it.

A lot of problems can arise if your bank statements declare that your business is owned by more than two people – it also makes it further difficult to make financial decisions. Hence, it is important that before you set it all up you take care of this minute step before all. There are many advantages and also a few disadvantages. It is important for you to know both before you decide on sole or joint ownership of your business.


The best and most important feature and advantage of singular ownership of business is that you alone are responsible for all the financial decisions. However, at the same time it places you and your name at a higher risk rate. It reduces to completely finishes arguments that might spur up every time a new decision regarding finances has to be made.

You can always partner up with other businesses and small scale companies if you are the sole owner of your company or business. Although, there are no limitations to using various headings and no recordings or reports will be required. However, it’s a very common practice to convert a singular ownership into businesses and companies to reduce the danger of losing everything. One of the disadvantages of being the only owner is that then you received capital funds. Getting mortgages and capitals is itself a very difficult task because there is nothing else that has been lawfully identified.

Hence, in a nutshell when assessing the good against the bad of sole ownership, following is a rather brief list of advantages:

  • You will have complete Control 

This goes without saying. If you alone own the business then you alone will be responsible for everything that goes on within and without it.

  • Informal and low-cost set ups

When you know you are the one making all the choices then you can allow or disallow whatever you please. This makes things relatively simple and cheap.

  • Stress-free Tax reports

When you alone are the owner of the business then your taxing processes are also majorly simplified.

At the same time you must also remain aware of the disadvantages, here are some of them:

  • SubjectiveAccountability

Though you are in complete control of everything that goes on inside your office, if something ever goes wrong, it will be your neck on the line.

  • Raising Investmentresources

It is true that establishing and setting up a self-managed business is easy, once you have to raise money for a new project, I might be too difficult

Therefore, before you decide on getting a business you single handedly own it is important that you weigh in all the positive and negative outcomes and then decide.

Hilly Jenson is the author of this article. She refers to experts like to help people understand how to claim sole ownership.