The hockey equipments are full of useful information about hockey skates, protective gear, sticks, and accessories. You will find hockey equipment sizing, chart diagrams that show you the different parts of each piece of hockey gear, information about all of the special features and much more. Here they helps you to find the best hockey goalie equipment for you, whether you need hockey skates, hockey sticks, hockey gloves, goalie gear or protective equipment. They motivate new goalies to achieve magnitude, and highlights of these great goal tenders making sliding mass pad saves and flashing a quick glove hand are the reason young hockey players take up the place and older players to continue playing in house leagues after their spirited careers are over.

Different Types of Goalie Equipment

There are required pieces of tackle for the hockey goalie. The goalie will either be looking for an exact piece of replacement gear or looking to purchase or restore a full set of new equipment. The hockey goalie equipment should set a financial plan and know whether they will have the time to break in the equipment. Goalie equipment, particularly the leg pads, can take quite a while to break in if it is new equipments.

Leg Pads

Goalie pads were made from leather and full with horsehair or packing foam. Now, while pads have leather straps that provide better comfort and fit, the pad itself is artificial leather and the protection material is now manufactured from space age foam that provides superior quality protection with lighter weight to allow for better movement. Manufacturers have started shaping their pads to fit a goal tender’s style. For instance, for butterfly-style goaltenders are extra material is placed on the inside of the legs to make sure contact with the ice and the inside of each pad is made out of a synthetic material to permit easier rotation of the pads around the legs. Hybrid pads have become more popular, and this type would be a high-quality choice for those goal tenders that don’t have a particular type of mode. The hybrid style allows a goal tender to balance between being a butterfly goal tender and stand-up goal tender.

Catching Blocker and Glove

These two items protect the goaltender’s hands. The blocker provides a broad, rectangular surface to turn away pucks with a glove on the inside to allow the goal tender to hold the stick. The blocker should experience secure enough in the goalie’s hands to be able to adequately handle a goalie stick. . The catching glove has a large padded area to protect the wrist, and a deep, wide basket to allow for easier catching and covering of the puck. Budget and Comfort are the two large factors in buying these two pieces of apparatus.


The most fun piece of apparatus is the helmet. Today’s goal tenders get tradition airbrushing done to their helmets, with complex designs that include references to birth country,, team colors, nicknames, etc. The goal tender can find pre-painted airbrushed helmets, and with some careful searching, can find a head covering design that fits a team name or the goalie’s sensibilities.