One of the byproducts of obtaining a job is having to go through drug testing and screening. It is a pre-requisite of virtually any job you ever want to have and is something people should be aware of. There has always been a debate about whether or not it is necessary as long as the individual is performing the functions of the job admirably. Regardless of your stance of drug testing, there are certainly pros and cons to it that employers, and employees alike, may want to be aware of. This article will discuss those pros and cons and hopefully shed light on their usefulness as well as their detractions.


When it comes to drug testing services, you have to be aware of the benefits to an organization. Without drug testing employees before employment, you run the risk of liability of unknowingly hiring people that have a known history of drug abuse, or any other drug related accidents, that can impede not just the individual themselves but the profit and reputation of your business as well. There is also a gigantic safety risk that goes into play without doing proper research on the people working for your company. Performing a job is one thing but being able to do so effectively, safely, and responsibly is another. There is an interesting statistic that shows 10 to 20 percent of US workers who are involved in any work related accident have tested positive for illegal drug use, according to the US Department of Labor. Drug testing services are certainly useful in bringing down this statistic and possibly bringing about a problem before it starts.


These types of tests do happen to come with their share of cons as well. Random tests, for instance, can lead to resentment among the employees and cause them to want to seek other employment. For people that are serious about their privacy, this could be seen as an invasion of it and cause them to not want to perform at the best of their ability. Some drug tests are also expensive for the employer depending on how many employees need to be tested. Even if you do find an employee who tested positive, firing them cause prove to be costly as they did perform the job exceptionally well.

The point is that you have to always weigh pros and cons when drug testing. Although mandatory, it could prove either fruitful or hurtful to the company and its employees. You have to remember to choose what is right for business and stand firm by it as a boss and owner.