There’s no denying, a hot tub or spa is a major purchase for most people so it makes sense to treat it correctly and get the most from it. There are several gadgets and items you can buy in order to do this and we recently teamed up with to find out a little more about what they are and what they can do for you.

Hard Water Presents A Problem

Many towns and cities in this country are situated in areas of hard water which can do some serious damage to a hot tub or spa. Like the inside of a kettle, the pipes and heating element on a hot tub can suffer from the effects of a limescale build up due to the high calcium content of the water. This build up will mean your heater has to work much harder to heat the water and will cost more to run. Limescale can also eventually block your filter and can also cause cloudy, gassy water too resulting in many people spending in excess of £150 over a two year period on unnecessary chemicals. Eventually it will cause damage to the heater meaning you need to replace it. A much cheaper solution to the problem would be to use a Darlly Pure Stream Pre-Filter to eliminate the limescale.

The Darlly Pure Stream Pre-Filter is not the same as using a water softener. Simply fill your hot tub or spa using the device which will last for around two years and the problem will disappear. It is simply a de-ioniser which will ensure the calcium is rendered harmless to your equipment. Just make sure you keep the cartridge filled with saline solution in between fills to extend the life of it.

Retailing at around the £30 mark it is certainly a much cheaper and convenient option than replacing major parts of your hot tub or spa every few years.