Advanced applications in sectors such as transportation, aerospace, and telecommunications use the best parts and equipment possible to ensure optimal performance. This includes the power supplies used in the applications. Reliability in a power supply is paramount to smooth operation of any system, though. More than just causing inconvenience, failures can be devastating. Being prepared in advance to select the best power supply products can save time and costs later. For more information visit at : Abbott Technologies.

Shopping For High Reliability Power Supplies

DC to AC Inverters

A DC to AC inverter changes direct current to alternating current. The search for high reliability DC to AC inverters often ensues for projects such as backup systems, shipboard operations, vehicles that have AC-powered equipment, and aircraft systems. The ideal product will be rugged but relatively lightweight, and it will perform well in a broad range of temperatures.

In addition to temperature range, check for the over voltage protection, short circuit protection, and voltage polarity. Efficiency is another specification to review when considering a product, particularly with a more urgent need to conserve energy. It is also a good idea to choose a supplier that can provide custom or semi-custom inverters that meet very specific needs. That skill says a great deal about a supplier. Additionally, make certain that timeliness in responding to inquiries is a priority with suppliers under consideration.

DC to DC Inverters

These products convert direct currents to different voltage levels. Look for an inverter that has undergone vigorous testing that might demonstrate the quality of the engineering. Key specifications reviewed should include short circuit protection, over temperature protection and over voltage protection. Military-grade DC to DC converters that are compliant with MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 indicate products that meets standards that are somewhat tougher than the FCC’s.

MTBF (mean time between failures) is another specification to consider when reviewing products, particularly when high reliability is critical. Converters for ground vehicles or aircraft applications, for example, might boast of MTBF numbers anywhere between 40,000 hours and upwards of 100,000 hours. Input, output voltage and the size of the product determine where the readings will fall.

AC to DC Converters

In a 500 watt AC to DC switcher, consider a product that features remote error sensing and MTBF results that reach 100,000 hours. In a 200 watt product, the MTBF might surpass the 100,000 hours mark. Impressive performance results from the shock tests, vibration tests and in high humidity are further hallmarks of reliability. For information on AC to DC Converter products click here.


A broad line of QPL transformers signals a manufacturer with engineering heft behind their power supply products. Single phase transformers should sport threaded inserts for versatile mounting when applicable, and they should meet rugged standards for high temperatures. Efficiency minimums ranging from 90 to 95 percent are ideal for lightweight 3 phase transformers that are designed for shipboard or airborne electronics.

Savvy shopping for power supplies might also take output current limiting into consideration as applicable. Resumption of normal operation with no damage after an overload might be a critical selling point. Ruggedness and proven durability are vital qualities, and strong indications of meeting those standards can be found with a close look at the data sheets for each product. System designs of all types will benefit from a power supply manufactured by professionals who regularly meet military standards for extensive duty cycles and extreme conditions.