For any business to remain relevant today, they need to have a website. When the business has put up a website they next need to consider SEO. As soon as a business registers a domain they will find there is no shortage of people who are willing to offer SEO consultancy services.

Hiring a professional SEO agency or consultant is the right move for most companies who want to make an impact on search engines, genuine SEO experts understand what is required to get the site the ranking that is desired. However, smaller firms and most especially startups aren’t able to hire SEO consultants.

If the company isn’t in the right financial state to hire an SEO, there are things that entrepreneurs should learn to make sure that their site ranks well on the search engines. Sometimes a business has the budget, but they like to have a hands-on approach to their SEO. If either of the above sounds like you and your business these SEO tactics are a must for you to learn. If you are already in the SEO business this post may make you a better consultant.

Check On-page Optimization

There are many sites and browser addons that can be used to check your on-page optimization, if you use WordPress you will find plugins such as Yoast, these plugins will grade your on-site optimization using a traffic light system. The most important on-site factors are the title tag, the meta description, the HTML tags, the file names and alt text of any images. Search engines also like sites with lots of well-written and informative content, make sure your pages contain at least 600 words of informative content.

SEO Tactics For Companies That Have A Low Marketing Budget

Complete Social Media Profiles

Completing social media profiles for the business means the site will have a high chance of getting traffic. The recommended social media sites that a business must be involved in include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Having accounts on all of these sites will build the trust that search engines have in the site.

Local Optimization

Optimizing your site for local search can be a very cost-effective exercise, adding MicroData and schema markup to your site will help to improve your local rankings so will submitting your site to local directories such as Yelp, etc.

Press Releases

Small businesses should use press releases to gain attention from smaller local media outlets. National newspapers, TV and radio stations get a lot of their information and stories from smaller, local outlets. If you are able to get your press releases frequently featured on local media outlets, you improve the chances of being featured by larger media companies.

When most people think of a press release they think it is an expensive way to market their but, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If a business owner does their research well enough, they will find that there are places where it costs less than $100 to write and distribute a press.


There is no one thing that a business can do to replace hiring a dedicated SEO consultant to work on their site but, the steps that are listed above will get them the start they need.

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