Reliable Online File Security Options For ProfessionalsThe need to store files in desktop PC, laptop, mobile device drives often takes up so much disk space that could considerably slow down such devices owing to RAM depletion. Although external hard drives or flash drives could become handier alternatives to handle such work-related contrivances, file security tends to be put at risk especially when such gadgets are misplaced, lost or stolen.

The risk factor heightens when files stored in such devices happen to contain sensitive or confidential information that is supposed to be accessible only to a limited number of key people. Once such files are exposed to potential loss, illegal access or accidental leaks, sensitive or confidential company information becomes seriously compromised. There are however, alternative technologies to address this that could make business owners and other professionals confidently store files online via cloud storage apps.

How it Works

Cloud storage apps are backed by large online servers that service providers have. Once you subscribe to such online services, you begin to enjoy the convenience of accessing your service account to enable you to store files in the cloud. Only you could access the account that is password protected. If you wish to share files with other people like coworkers or customers, you could do so by giving them access to the cloud storage app account you use. Storage apps could be downloaded from the Internet for free by individual users while businesses could avail of such services with bigger storage capacities by getting cloud-computing business accounts for a subscription fee.

Why it’s Secure

As an online technology that uses the vast web infrastructure, cloud tech handles all data and information fed to its massive infra via a secure encryption system. All files therefore and the data and information contained in them could only be accessed by the owner of the cloud storage account who has sole knowledge of the access code. All data and info that gets stored in the cloud stays stored securely in the cloud for an indefinite amount of time. Access to it remains readily available even if company IT infra goes down or even when device systems crash because these files remain stored in cloud servers and not in company systems or device drives. Cloud storage also keeps files safe from hackers and potential illegal or accidental access in company IT systems owing to file encryption technology.

Why it’s BetterCloud computing and storage security concept

Pros who need to share files with coworkers when collaborating on projects could conveniently summon such files from the cloud anytime and anywhere they need to do so. This makes the process of telecommuting, if you prefer to conduct work this way, much easier to do with remote location teammates. Cloud-based technology works compatibly with the usual online VoIP in company telecom systems like those found in RingCentral PBX systems. It therefore poses no problems when working within various company systems.

Since files could be readily accessed from the cloud, the need to physically carry around important work files in various electronic media and web access device drives becomes irrelevant. Digital files or soft copies of documents could be managed online securely.  This is a more sensible approach to having such files being printed out and stored in filing cabinets where they could be illegally accessed or exposed to potential loss or destruction when exposed to the elements.