As marketing and design trends have changed over the years there has been a desire for business branding to intertwine more readily with all aspects of a business. One way in which brand recognition can take place not just to potential customers, but also within the interior culture of a business setting, is through the use of supergraphics in work settings. Supergraphics have been utilised to stimulate productivity within groups of employees, inspire suppliers and welcome clients, through carefully designed and positioned digitally printed wallpapers. It can prove a great motivating factor in retaining staff, whilst also being of great use in enticing new staff members to the fold.

Over time in any workplace the habits become monotonous and the décor can become tired and uninspiring. In most office spaces, in particular, you will find that there are often white walls, or beige at best, hardly any art work on the walls, and a distinct lack of colour. This is in fact counter-productive, as the human mind works much better when it has been stimulated. A well-placed poster, piece of art, or digitally printed wall, with inspiring message or brand ethos, can make a huge difference to the processes taking place, the effectiveness of staff and the productivity levels. If, as a business owner, you can increase levels of standards, effectiveness and consistency, you’ll go a long way to increasing your company’s long-term business profits too!

Why You Should Utilise Supergraphics As Part Of Your Work Premises

In many workplaces in the modern age it is not uncommon to see individuals retreating to their individual workspaces. In these climates people can hide away with their headphones on, not having to interact at all times, and when the time does come for team meetings or projects where collaboration is required, it can be difficult for managers to refocus the minds of the team’s individual members in order to bring about an effective resolution to the problems laid out in front of them. A supergraphic can be designed with a specific company message in mind, being used as a location to inspire an entire team when they come together to work on a project, or to have a meeting to discuss progress.

Communal areas that are used as meeting spaces, areas for brainstorming sessions, or even communal breakout and canteen areas, can be reinvigorated through design. Supergraphics can be designed and developed to be included as a wider plan to rejuvenate tired working spaces, inspiring your staff to come up with new ideas, adding to the relaxing vibe during break-times, and also being utilised to inspire a belief in your vision when a potential client is visiting the premises.

Overall, supergraphics and digitally printed wallpapers offer ultimate flexibility. Whatever it is your company ethos is, and what you want to speak about, a design can spell out that flavour. There is nothing stopping a business from rotating different designs, adding supergraphics to many different surfaces and locations throughout the workplace and generally utilising design as an important aspect of the positive impact you can have on both employee and customer.

 Content written by George Wall