When you first start out in business it is likely to be fairly simple to keep track of your incoming customer repairs and your jobs completed.  However, to have a successful small or medium sized business you need to be able to take it a step further.  Recording jobs completed is not enough to know that you have given the best possible service; it is essential to be able to follow up on the job to establish the level of customer satisfaction and where you could improve.  Every business is only as good as its reputation.

A good repair management software system offers a cost effective solution to these issues and can ensure you provide the best possible customer service:

Job Allocation

Every new job that is requested should be allocated according to who is nearest, who is most likely to finish their current job first and even who has the most expertise.  In fact a good system such as this will allow you to see where your staff is and what they are doing; this will ensure they are fully productive and your customers get the best possible response time.

Follow Up

An important part of customer service is the follow up.  Repair management software will allow you to track the progress of the repair; you will be able to see the response time, the fix time and even whether key incidents are repetitive or not.  To offer even better customer service you can also use the software to send out a customer questionnaire after the job is marked completed.  The quicker these are sent the more accurate the response.


One of the most competitive areas in most industries is the price at which a product or service is sold.  Your repair management software can assist you with keeping the price down.  This can be achieved by allocating a job as quickly as possible and doing it to the best of your technician’s ability.  The software will ensure the right person, in terms of skill and availability is sent to a job.  This will allow the customer to see you offer a fast, efficient and cost effective solution.

Personal Touch

Customers may have specific desires or needs and these can be recorded into your software system.  Not only will this ensure you send the right person but it will also ensure that any member of staff can access and update the system whilst on the road; this can allow status updates and provide every member of your team with up to the date information regarding the customer’s needs and desires.


Finally, a good software system will ensure your team is aware of their role in providing the best customer service.  Knowing that are responsible for their own work will ensure that they make the most of every minute they have; you will not just being improving your customer service, you will also be improving productivity!

Good customer service is the key to success in business; the more you listen to your customers and your staff the better the service you can offer!