Spain, although it usually swims against the tide when it comes to trends (and especially in the musical aspect), has acquired a good taste for electronic music and it’s one of the standard bearer of this stream, as it has the best parties, the best festivals and clubs, andboasts an excellent offer. Sessions such as Mosaic by Maceo in Ibiza, festivals like Creamfields in Almeria and clubs like Pacha, greet all fans of good music throughout the year but,where canwe enjoy electronic music more intensely in Spain?

Ibiza: The Cradle and the Queen

If a place must reign as champion of the culture of electronic music in Spain, that is the island of Ibiza.

It’s capital of the best place for electronic music lovers, and this assumption lies not only in its variety and renownedline-ups, but because it offers quality: based on good establishments to provide the best organized festivals with more international acceptance, and also for the quantity ofinternationalstars thatshow up every summerto visit the beautiful Mediterranean island too. It’s the best place to enjoy a neverending night.

The axis Madrid – Barcelona

Way behind are the years where the famous “Ruta del Bakalao” (destroy route) joined the cities of Madrid and Valencia with a rich offer of legendary clubs. Now the axis, much more refined and with a much higher quality, is between the two state capitals: Madrid and Barcelona.

We can enjoy in both of themtop-notch locals, festivals at the lead of the vanguard and new sounds that come from all over the world. Including the compulsory stop in the singular town in Huesca close, to the frontier with Lleida: Fraga, where the prestigious Monegros Desert Festival takes place and where the club Florida 135 permanently offers the best combination of electronic music.

Andalusia: the most surprising offer

Southern Spain is not only flamenco and sun: Andalusia has excelled in recent years as first class destination for lovers of good electronic music. In this region, the axis is located between two provinces: Cadiz and Almeria.

Cadiz has become the favorite destination for fans of industrial sound. They’ve discovered thattowns of Conil de la Frontera and Tarifa, it’s the best area to enjoy days of surf, good vibes and alternative parties during the day, as well as the best electronic beats in tents and bars are displayed on the beach.

Regarding Almeria, the Spanish headquarters of the prestigious festival Creamfields makes of the beach of Villaricos its particular Monegros Desert Festival but with so much energy that it has become one of the best electronic music festivals in Southern Europe.