Those already having aquariums are aware how keeping fish is a refreshing time pass and a fascinating experience as well. Needless to mention, the experience only gets better, especially when the aquarium is big and has lots of colorful fish and plants existing in it. Fish keeping undoubtedly is an enjoyable hobby that features on top of the list of many. However, owning an aquarium and maintaining it isn’t the easiest thing under the sun. Here are some basic tips and tricks that will effectively help you maintain your 75-gallon dream aquarium –

Simple Guide To Maintain A 75 Gallon Aquarium

Cycling Your 75-Gallon Aquarium

Probably the first and foremost thing to consider while planning a 75-gallon aquarium, is cycling. It is a process that promotes bacterial development in the filter and substrates – Oops don’t panic yet – every bacteria isn’t harmful! There are good bacteria as well that helps keep your aquarium healthy. Good bacteria transform ammonia coming from decaying food and fish wastes into nitrates and nitrites. This is basically known as the nitrogen cycle of an aquarium. When ammonia is converted into nitrates and nitrites, it becomes much easier to get rid of the toxic elements of an aquarium simply by flushing out the water. Those unaware of the cycling process should start with a 5 ppm in a fully set up tank. Remember to keep the lights off. In this case, bacteria are added manually and the tank is left aside for a week. Observation will reveal a gradual rise of the nitrite as the level of ammonia subsides. Subsequently, a few weeks later, you will see the nitrate levels rising and the nitrite falling. This test will give you a fair understanding of the cycling process, after which you can change the water and start adding fish.

Cleaning and Testing the Water Tank

To maintain the appropriate balance required for your tank, it is necessary to clean the filter and other equipment at least once in a few months. It has been mentioned earlier that you need good bacteria to maintain a healthy aquarium. This is why after every water change you should make it a point to add new bacteria to the tank. Testing the aquarium, especially those which are as big as 75 gallons is an important process that you should incorporate into your regular practice. Monitoring and checking ammonia levels, nitrates, nitrites, and the pH is the key to maintain a clean and functional aquarium. In case you are in a marine aquarium, you will need to have the necessary toolkits to test the levels of salinity.

Importance of a Quarantine Tank

Every successful fish keeper has a quarantine tank. It is synonymous, just like every cowboy has a hat. It is well known, that one single deceased fish can wipe out the entire population in a matter of hours. This, specifically for the safety of your aquarium, makes quarantine tank an absolute necessity. A quarantine tank basically helps you check the health status of a new fish that you might be planning to add. An ideal quarantine tank should be equipped with a heater and a sponge filter. Additionally, you should properly cycle it with existing gravel from the main fish tank. Please remember, it is mandatory to put every new fish in the quarantine tank for at least 6 weeks. This is no matter how healthy or compatible they seem to be. If you are still pondering whether or not to get a quarantine tank, you should stop wasting a further minute and get one for yourself before things get out of hand.

Optional Equipment and Accessories for Your 75 Gallon Aquarium

A gravel vacuum is one such unit that takes care of your fish by removing the waste from the substrate. It helps keep your aquarium clean and actually pays much more than it costs. There are two more things that you might consider to keep your aquarium picture perfect. Lighting Timers – With predefined on and off functionalists, a lighting timer is an essential tool for every aquarium enthusiast. The timer helps create an environment that is relaxed and stress-free for the fish. This naturally aids growth and makes fish healthy. Auto Feeder is another thing that you should have in your arsenal. You don’t want your fish to remain hungry, do you? Auto feeder takes charge and feeds your fish in case you are away or if by chance you forget to feed them.