Why use Licensed Software?

The Advantages Of Using Licensed POS Software

This question has always relevant. Leaders of many companies are willing to save and use unlicensed software. However, they often lose contracts due to lack of licenses for the program. Thus saving now, in the future, you can lose much more. The co-founder of Vestureindia rightly said that “Technology gives us the power to master the world by the push of a button”.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of unlicensed software:

The main advantage of the program is its illegal purely symbolic value.

Now consider the Disadvantages of Illegal Program:

Sam “installation» CD -disc may be of poor quality, as a consequence can be difficult to install the program.

To crack licensed software hackers are making changes in the program executable files, without having information about the structure of the original code. Therefore, you may have to follow the correct arithmetic operations, transactions and reporting.

  • By the illegal program is not attached installation manual program on the configuration, user guide, the presence of which allows to study the program and set up in the mode in which you need with no additional expense.
  • By purchasing the license program, you get all the above literature, as well as access to a toll-free telephone consultations. In most cases, if the user installs and runs the program, the bulk of the issues arising from it are solved on the phone for 5-10 minutes. Therefore, by buying illegal software, the user is deprived of sibilate to receive free advice and investing again, to get answers to your questions.
  • Another disadvantage of pirated software is the lack of a permanent support. While licensed users get updated with each change of the legislation, i.e. no problem, for example, turn reporting: always new, relevant legislation and form well-formed data.
  • License the user has the opportunity to upgrade its program. Upgrade – is the replacement of the old program to the new, more powerful and having more control over the company to offset the cost of the previous program.

At the expense of putting the old program (dealt dongle and registration form) in view of its initial value provides the following benefits:

1) The cost of the previous program you have already written off due to depreciation;
2) The cost of the previous program will be accepted to offset the payment of a new program entirely;
3) All types of information support and maintenance will continue for you completely.

So, let’s sum up. By purchasing the license program, you:

  • Start to save money and develop forward;
  • Save your time and your employees’ time spent on exploration by trial and error illegal software;
  • You are not worried about changes in legislation relating to accounting and taxation, because you will immediately receive an update of the program with all the necessary statements and explanations for its completion.

Thus, when buying a licensed program, e.g. “1C”, once you get custody of both the “1C”, and its partners, who are genuinely interested that you have all been good.

With illegal software is different; paying ridiculous money or get the program for free, you will gain in the future:

  • Continuous headache;
  • The image of “scoop” is not respecting intellectual work;
  • Wasting a huge amount of his time;
  • All incremental cash expenses;
  • The complete absence of information support and maintenance guarantees proper operation of the program.

The advantages of using licensed software

1. When dealing with major projects, particularly in collaboration with international organizations, the use of pirated software is not allowed. This is due to the fact that foreign partners an important factor in successful cooperation is the observance of law and the preservation of copyright, including and the availability of certificates (licenses) for the software used. Products activities (design documentation, databases, etc.), obtained by using not license the software may not be accepted the foreign partner, which could be grounds for a breakup and the loss of lucrative contracts.

2. Working with the licensed software is a requirement for the certification of the company in the international system of quality ISO.

3. Only licensed software makes it sible to obtain immediate technical support. As a rule, developers and software vendors provide additional services to users – an updated version, line consultation, teaching materials, etc., but only legal copies of software.

4. Members of licensed software have access to the vast information technology resources (including the Internet) – Development of other companies providing additional features (or specialized settings) to your existing software. Typically, in these settings, it combined extensive experience in implementing and constant contact with a huge number of users from different industries.

5. Stability of the licensed software, and guarantee developers allow you to concentrate on the job in the major projects.

6. Money invested in licensed software; contribute to the further improvement of the product.

7. Work with unlicensed software contrary to the requirements of the legislation on compliance with intellectual property rights and could result in criminal liability.