Global print supply chain management enables global print companies to offer their services to as many people as possible from a central location. It is very important to be able to control document versions from anywhere in the world. The best global print companies provide a system that makes it possible for their clients to take control of their printing from wherever they are. There are several ways that clients can control their document versions.

Centralized Control

This is whereby users are able to take control of every material printed from anywhere in the world. The users can be able to determine who will have access to which documents. Users can be defined easily. The client is able to view the quantity ordered and the cost involved. More importantly, it becomes possible to manage the integrity of logos, quality, messages and corporate colors of a document. With a good system, this does not necessitate a lot of effort. Global print supply chain management makes it easier to control document versions globally from a centralized point. Centralized control provides a platform in which only authorized individuals can handle particular documents.

Control Document Versions Globally

Availability of Reporting Tool

A reporting tool within a global print platform makes it possible for managers to track expense and usage of every document that is sent to the printer. They are able to do this while taking into account the region and cost center. The reporting tool ensures that the users are able to save on costs of warehousing, shipping and obsolescence. The reporting tool also makes it possible to control document versions by providing document specifications without much trouble.

Defined Access

When only one or a few users are allowed to access documents, there is consistency in quality. This is because when many people are involved, each individual tends to do the work differently. Controlling document versions requires consistency, which can only be achieved when only specified individuals can access the system. Consistency contributes greatly to the protection of your brand.

Global Supply Chain

Global supply chain ensures that printing services are offered by as many service providers as possible. Clients can be able to engage the best printers with the best prices. They can be able to issue instructions without the need to communicate with the main global company. This enhances efficiency and consistency in the global printing industry. Furthermore, such a system entails using only the best printer through which a user can control the versions of the documents as desired. It should be possible with a good global print company. Global chain supply also ensures consistency because services are duplicated throughout the service providers.

It is evident that global print supply chain management enables users to take control of the document versions. Users can be able to manage their print work from a centralized system. Control of documents should not be a complicated issue. Therefore, a good global print company should offer a good system that creates an environment that is conducive for taking control of print work.