Before you post giveaways on your site, it is important to establish your credibility as a reputable business. Many potential customers will browse through sites and quickly skim over the giveaways. It is human nature to be suspicious and wonder if the giveaways will actually happen or are they just a scam. It is important to build trust with your customer base. Customers are savvy and understand a lot of the giveaways are sponsored by cheap websites or are sites that just want to collect information for marketing or spam purposes. Online giveaways provide incentive, spawn enthusiasm and will promote your business to a broad audience.

Free Stuff!

How Online Giveaways Can Help Your Business

Everyone loves to receive something for nothing! Other than the fact that they are getting something which cost them nothing, it is the thrill of winning that is truly exciting. This can work in different positive ways for your business. Customers will try and try again to be the recipient of a giveaway and those who have won will want to win again. This determination by customers can only work in favour of your business.


Online giveaways can only mean exposure for your business. You can use social media sites to your advantage. Be sure to state how long the promotion runs and give regular countdown and status updates. Build anticipation of your giveaway promotion and your business will be rewarded with heightened exposure.

What Type of Giveaway

Depending on your style of business, you could give coupons, samples of your products, have games of skill or advertise the giveaway as ‘the last remaining item in stock’. If you are about to launch a new product, you could give one away before the product is actually released. People will feel they are in a special position if they receive a giveaway before it is on the market.

Online Surveys

By getting customers to take part in online surveys, each participant can then be rewarded with company dollars. These dollar value coupons can then be put towards purchasing something from your company. A survey works both ways; you get feedback in relation to your customers’ needs and wants and customers have an opportunity to shop.


Try to coerce winners of giveaways to leave a testimonial on your site. Customers do read testimonials, because people are naturally curious. It is interesting to see what other people have to say about the quality of the giveaway and how quickly they received it.

Giveaways can be a great boost to your business. Most people entering competitions will do a little research to see whether your company is genuine. Giveaways will generate enthusiasm but choose your giveaway carefully. The giveaway will have to create a stir and be a real head turner. By printing certificates, coupons or high impact flyers to include with your online giveaway, you will be promoting your business, creating a loyal customer following and generating interest in your business. Online giveaways are the norm now and this is an easy way to keep customers interested in your business and giveaways will also make them search through your site.

Josh is an entrepreneur and has had many businesses that have succeeded and failed. In his past time he likes travelling, drawing and writing. He writes blogs in hope he is able to give useful advice to a fellow entrepreneur