E commerce website development is like an iceberg. It seems small on the surface of water but it is 10 times bigger beneath the surface. The users look at the front end of the website where they can buy products and use other features of the website and leave. But the real processes are being done at the back end. Where the server is storing information, transactions and the instances linking the back end and front end where all transactions are being made. After several stories of hacking and leaking personal information, users and webmasters are very cautious about data protection and security of ecommerce websites. Here are 5 essentials that will provide maximum security to your transactions and data and will also provide confidence to your users.

Get Security Certificates

SSL is the highest level of security you can get for any website. There are different companies offering SSL security certificates and the current standards and website development demands every page to be secured with different levels of security during the session. Search engines are also giving websites that have SSL certifications priority in the search results. PCI on the other hand is a set of standard implemented by the plastic money industry that is a security essential for any transactions done using credit/debit cards on the internet. These standards are implemented on all transactions on the internet to prove that the information being transferred and saved is secure and does not have any threat.

Secure Your Online Store With These 5 Essentials

Layered Security on All Pages

Allan Grayson, the internet security expert says about layered security that “This starts with firewalls which stop attackers gaining access to your network. From there you add layers of security on contact forms, secure passwords for logins, and search queries.” Layered security is the best way to secure all data and information stored in servers and the processes in between.

Cloud Based Services and DDoS Protection

Cloud based services provide you the best protection against the most sophisticated attacks.

Richard Elder, chief executive at Switch VPN says, “Cloud based DDOS protection works when you send your traffic through a good DDOS service that has scrubbing nodes to filter legitimate traffic back to your website. This move will eliminate the threat of sophisticated attacks on your data server.” DDoS attacks are very frequent in the current times. According to one estimate, about 28 attacks per hour are being carried out by hackers around the world.

Do Not Keep User Data

Purge old data of customers and keep only a small amount on the web servers for a limited time. Security experts believe that the longer you keep user data, the longer you threaten yourself with an attack. If you need to keep data for marketing purposes then secure it on a different server that is not directly linked with the web or website server.

Keep Updated Security

Security certificates, technologies and other essentials are often upgraded with latest versions. Make sure you have the latest technologies implemented on your website. This will be the best way to keep you safe from hack attacks or viruses. Hackers are constantly battling security companies. One estimate said that websites that were running older versions of security systems were attacked successfully than those that were updated.

Online businesses are only successful once they are safe and secure for the users. The internet shoppers of today are also smart and know how important their personal info is. Provide them with the confidence that their info is safe and you will get the best out of your ecommerce website.