Now-a-days the need of a smart phone is a must and to meet this need all the companies are in a rush to give new products to meet the human needs and satisfactions. So in this run many companies are involved in the production of new phone with new feature and technologies to make their fans and customers happy and amazed.

Similarly, how can Samsung stay away from this rush, so it coming up with two new gadgets one smart phone and the other one is a phablet and are names as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 6 respectively. Both the phones are going to remarkable in their flagships and are going to be released next year.

So, this new phone Galaxy Note 6 will be coming to you with many new features and specs and among all its super features one the most rumored thing is about the dual-camera feature. With the implementation of this feature the camera is expected to be clicking and capturing excellent images like never done in the history of cameras and with the introduction of the Galaxy Note 6, it will make a benchmark for all the other companies on the production of their cameras.

There has been newsthat the Galaxy Note 6 will most probablyattributed with the specification of 4K resolution with a probability of dual-camera, and this among the best features of the smart phone.  It has been heard that this phone will be getting a more powerful camera then Galaxy Note 5 shooter. It is heard that the Samsung is presenting a better and high resolution camera with a 30 MP at the rear side and a 16 MP as a front snapper with auto focus and optical image stabilization features.

Recently the camera technologies are increasing and are becoming a crucial part of the smart phones which are produced by different companies.Samsung, when started the production it establisheda different plethora for the camera by introducing different types of specs and features related to it. And with all its products it has proven its quality and with the upcoming smart gadgets like Galaxy Note 6 and S7 it has just banged on being the best.

News has also come up that with the dual-camera modeGalaxy Note 6 is allowing shooting 3D photos as well as living images with the criteria of 360-degree video recording with the 4K display resolution.

The probability of dual-camera increases in the Galaxy Note 6 due to the reason that it is a phabletnot a smartphone. As the smart phones are already heavy with features like wireless charging, optical image stabilization and 4G LTE which already needs a lot of battery and space so it will be easy to install this in the phablet.

So, this the best feature of this upcoming gadget and its release and declaration are still awaited so as to know all the exact features of the Galaxy Note 6.