If you think about it, your Mac does not really have a great utility to create file archives or even unpack archived files. The default archiving app supports only a limited number of formats and there is not much you can customize about it. So if you want to expand your capabilities of working with archived data, it is time you check out third-party applications that have more to offer.

Commander One Review - RAR, 7zip and Tar Extractor For Mac

Commander One is one such archive application that does a great job of archiving and unarchiving your data. Formats supported in addition to ZIP include 7Zip, TarGz, TBZ, TGZ, tar.lzma, tar.xz and RAR – the application is capable of extracting data and creating archives in any of these formats. With one exception – at present Commander One does not create RAR archives, but this issue is to be fixed soon according to app’s developer, Eltima Software. With the help of the app you can view compressed data in a folder and search its contents without expanding it. You can also add files into the archived folder and delete files from it. Commander One allows customizing some of its options, be sure to make use of them – this would save you quite a bit of time and effort at a later stage. Mac users will certainly appreciate the app’s minimalistic UI, clean and intuitive, it makes a lot of things much easier.

There is a significant bonus that comes along with Commander One – the app can also serve as a file manager for Mac. It features a dual pane interface where you can open any number of tabs to browse multiple locations, switch between three different view modes, queue file management operations such as copy, paste, delete, etc. The app has a powerful search feature – not only it allows searching the contents of archived data, as we mentioned above, it also enables using regular expressions and Spotlight integration. Built-in FTP, SFTP and FTPS Client transfers data from one computer to another and changes file permissions if required; mounting devices, both iOS and Android, as well as a Dropbox account on your Mac enables direct access to data stored on them. You can also integrate Dropbox accounts into the app to share links to their data directly from Commander One. The app also lets you access and work with you files of Amazon S3 account and manage your Google Drive files and folders in Commander One without saving them on Mac. There is so much the app has to offer you!