Not the best time to stay unemployed. Companies make great efforts to retain employees, and many development plans involve the effective use of the existing labor force and less hiring new people. However, vacancies, employers look for people trained, able to deliver immediate results. To apply for a job, writing your resume is an essential step. For your research to be successful, you have to avoid some common mistakes that can be found in most of the resumes, but you must especially understand what priority will read your recruiter.

Your Experience and Skills should be Visible on Resume

Wanting your CV stands out from others is quite normal, but be creative (or eccentricity) in Design is not the way to do it. According to the words of director of human resources of Google, Laszlo Bock, explains: “Unless you do for a job, apply designer or artist, your resume should be simple, clean and legible. Focus to highlight your experience and skills. “

Do not waste the reader time with a “funky” format. You have to spend time trying to maximize the upper half of your resume. This may mean writing a “CV summary” with your most relevant qualifications and experience in the top of your resume. As long as you try to optimize and best fulfil the traditional layout you will be much safer than if you try something totally different.

Logically Explain why you are Applying for this Position

Whether you want to totally change lanes or simply apply for a slightly different position from your previous experiences, whether from reading your resume the recruiter is taken of confusion, it’s a very bad sign. Make sure to connect the logical elements of your career. Surely you know why your experiences have led you to make choices that position, but, unless specified on your resume, the recruiter will probably not understand why you want this job and you may never have the opportunity to explain in person.

A simple way to solve this problem? Say your objective in your resume. If your career is a bit unusual for the position you seek, a brief explanation seems paramount before reading your career by your recruiter.

The Resume should be Smooth and Easy to Read

There are many debates going on around the time that a recruiter to read a CV but everyone agrees that it takes less than 20 seconds. What does this mean for job seekers? This means your resume should be as easy to read as possible.

Don’t use a font so small that your text is barely legible. Your ability to keep a lot of information on a single page does not matter if nobody reads this page. Don’t phrases that last three lines each essential element must fit on one line.

If your details are Incorrect, you Lose All Your Chances

Finally, don’t be that person who has everything but the recruiter seeks is impossible to contact. Check and test your details. It is here that typos are the most unfortunate. It’s a really painful feeling to find that his CV contains an incorrect email after months of job search. Don’t be fooled. You now know everything you need to do for your resume is perfect! At the office.

Tips for Searching a Job

  1. Prepare for the interview by reading about the job and the company
  2. Adopt a neat attire interview
  3. Answer any question object and argue with an example
  4. Coherent and logical answers
  5. Do not talk a lot and stop in time
  6. Be honest