After getting your website designed, you’re required to get a hosting server so that it could be accessible from across the globe. Now, this is almost always a difficult part especially for the novice online entrepreneurs, as they find themselves confused exactly which hosting platform to run their website on. One of the oft-repeated queries is whether to go for a Linux hosting plan or a Windows one. Well, let us help you a little in this regard and before you scroll down to read check out Linux Hosting Reviews to get more insightful knowledge regarding Linux hosting.

Windows Versus Linux Hosting

As the name suggests, Windows and Linux are the operating systems that run on hosting servers. Now, you need to get this fact straight that the type of OS on your PC has absolutely nothing to do with the type that is being run on your hosting server. Both the OS need not to be same. The only thing that you need to bear in mind while making a choice is the type of website you own. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP, Perl and MySQL and supports scripts like WordPress, Zen cart etc, whereas, Windows hosting works well with ASP, .NET, MS Access and MSSQL. So, you need to know your website’s requirements; in case you intend to have a blog or a forum on your website, Linux hosting would work well for you, however if it requires MSSQL, go for Windows hosting.

Reasons for Choosing Linux Hosting

Benefits of Linux Hosting

1. Inexpensive

Linux hosting, despite being ultra efficient, is pretty inexpensive. You can find some good hosting plans meeting your needs at quite affordable rates.

2. Compatibility

Linux hosting is compatible with a number of major software like PHP, Perl, MySQL and supports a wide variety of scripts for running your website smoothly. Moreover, it allows users to run as many databases as they want. So, the amount of flexibility you get with Linux hosting isn’t something you can get from everywhere.

3. Stability

Linux hosting is one of the most secure and stable hosting platforms. Users hardly face stability issues with Linux.

4. Simple to work on

Unlike the popular belief, Linux hosting offers a simple and easy platform for users’ convenience.

Features of a Perfect Linux Hosting Plan

  1. A great hosting plan comes with a superb control panel which enables users to manage their website easily. It allows them to make changes and upgrading the content whenever they want without any webmaster’s help. Linux hosts often offer cPanel which is excellent in this regard.
  2. It should provide you numerous POP3 email ids that are indispensable for Linux hosting.
  3. A perfect Linux hosting plan should include FAT accounts. They allow the web owners to upload files upgrade or remove the content as and when they like. FAT accounts give you the amount of control over your site that is needed for running a successful website.
  4. Stats App

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Your hosting plan should include a good stats app as well so that you could evaluate the number of website visitors and then on the basis of that evaluation could take steps to further improve traffic.

5. Bandwidth

A good hosting plan should offer a great bandwidth so that your site doesn’t end up facing downtimes every now and then.

Do check out reviews of a few linux hosting service providers before you choose one.