DJI Phantom 2 Vision+- description

When it comes to quadcopters packed with camera functionality, nothing beats the performance and quality of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. DJI is a well celebrated name in the drone manufacturing market and its model named Phantom 2 vision+ is one of the best candidate where quadcopters with camera functionality are considered. As compared to the other high performance drones, this model is a ready to fly UAV that means users can get the gadget, charge the battery, and begin to fly the drone without having to configure and program the machine. When thinking about what is the best quadcopter, the only ultimate choice remains Vision+ by DJI.

Superior Quality Camera

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ boasts a high definition camera and also packs a micro SD card that provides the user with an extended space of 4GB. The camera installed in the device has the capacity to shoot full high definition videos and photographs. The camera can shoot at 720p/60fps as well as at 1080p/30fps. This is by far the best quadcopter with camera priced under dollar 200. The videos shot with the vision+ are magnificent and the quality of the pictures is phenomenal too. Pictures are captures at 14MP with clear views and angles. Users can enjoy HD videos of high quality and still photos seem amusing too. Vision+ allows the users to take control of the camera tilt and captures still photos and HD videos at various different angles.

High Tech Controls

The camera app in the vision+ lets the user to alter the settings such as quality of the picture, white balance, exposure, ISO, and allows the user to change the picture and video format. Users who have smartphones with Wi-Fi connectivity can stream the still photos and videos from the drone to their phone from a distance of even seven hundred meters. This function makes it convenient for the users to share their creativity on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Other Features:

The DJI’s Vision+ also boasts a number of advanced flight controls to aid the pilot in flying and controlling the UAV.

Wrapping up:

Those who are interested in buying a high performance quadcopter with advanced camera functionality can find no better choice than DJI’s Phantom 2 vision+. Packed with high tech flight controls and custom camera settings, this model remains to be the favorite camera quadcopter for UAV lovers.