The advancement of technology has been so great that almost every aspect of our modern, day to day lives is heavily reliant on it. In business environments technology has been heavily adopted. Every business person knows that the only way to grow is by hiring, not hiring everyone who wants a job but hiring people with the potential to grow the business in the way the management want.

The process of hiring people can be really a very challenging task for executives. Interviewing is a big part of the selection process for many companies, by carrying out interviews employers can assess the candidates compatibility with the company and role. Interviews help candidates learn about the company and the role that they have applied for.

Video conferencing technology has helped education, health organisations and businesses grow in ways that wouldn’t have been imagined years ago. In terms of interviewing candidates for a position, video conferencing has helped companies and candidates to save a lot of time and money since neither party has to travel.

Less Stress

The interviewee can be interviewed from the comfort of their home computer and their stress levels can be greatly reduced because they will be in familiar surroundings when doing the interview. So what are the advantages of video conferencing from an employers perspective?

Benefits Of Video Conferencing When Conducting Interviews

Top Talent is Easily Gotten

Let’s face it, getting the top talent to work for a company is the best way to make sure that the company gets the growth that it requires. The most talented employees are often in high demand, many will want to work for companies that are experiencing growth and forward thinking, these kinds of companies can usually offer employees advancement in their career.

What better way is there for a company to show off its might than by starting the relationship with cutting edge technology? The company may also find talent before their competitors do if they conduct interviews in this way.

Gives The Company Access To International Candidates

The candidate pool will be larger for companies that embrace technology, the company and the candidates will save a lot on travel as face to face meetings will not be required.

Connect With Passive Candidates

There are different types of people with different types of personalities. There will be some candidates who really don’t like dealing with people on a personal level but they maybe the best at what they do. Nervous or reclusive people will find it difficult to attend interviews yet a company may want to employ such a person, not for their interaction skills but for their skills and knowledge in other areas.

Such a candidate will appreciate the interview being carried out online as it allows them to be comfortable with the surroundings of where they are being interviewed.

It Saves Money

A company that is looking to save money will always look for new technological advancement to help them. The company and candidates will both benefit financially from the interview being carried out via video conferencing because there will be no need to spend time and money travelling.


Technology is meant to make things easier for people and video conferencing is not failing in that department.

This post was written and supplied on behalf of Interact, telephony and video conferencing solutions.