Ecologic tourism or ecotourism supposes different ways of travelling through the regions of high ecology. You travel to the clean green places to learn natural environment and unique touristic objects. It can be walking to the mountains or forests or hiking around the national parks. Even your trip to the village can be the part of green tourism as it supposes minimum harm for environment and spending time in the fresh air. What is more, the volunteers’ prides are also popular. They go out the streets and natural territories and clean them. The ecologic acts are very popular all over the world to make the world popular cities clean.

There are many cities where the houses are old and dirty, the roads are untidy and the air is polluted with factories and plants near here. Also, there are many cities in the world that are surprisingly clean and tidy. Probably, ecologic friendly government and correct city planning played the big role. It can be that clean cities are the parts of the local culture. Actually, it does not really matter what is the reason for city to be clean. These cities show that the meaning of a big industrial city is not dirty but clean.


Oslo, Norway

The streets of the Norse capital are famous of their clean territories. You can be surprised with no trash cans all over the city. This question is easy to answer: the most of the buildings in Oslo are connected with the automatic city system of the domestic waste recovery. The underground pipes are used to deliver waste to special crematory to be burnt. The cities get enough energy from this procedure. This is a part of the city culture. There city talisman reminds people to be tidy and recover waste. People gather together every month to clean their city territory.


The crystal clean streets of Singapore express their strict laws in the sphere of waste recycling and public utilities work. The streets pollution is still violation that needs fine. What makes the air clean? The high taxes for driving and the well-controlled system of public transport make the air in the main city of the South-East Asia always clean. Probably, Singapore is popular not only because of its clean environment but friendly people, tasty food and impressive arts even in the street.

Calgary, Canada

Just few North-American cities can be compared with Calgary in its clean environment. What a big surprise! Just hire a car in Calgary and go around the city streets. The city is industrial machine that is involved in oiltight bulkhead. Nevertheless, the ecology events and organizations in Calgary are in high demand. This city is one of the cleanest in the world about the air, wastes recycling, water.

The city enterprises use scientific approach to make the process of recycling and recovering effective. What is more, the city offers high fine for polluted roads and sidewalks. If you threw the paper on the street, you risk to pay 1 000 USD fine. There is also municipal program that offers cleaning services like removing graffiti from the facades of commercial buildings.

Peace Bridge Calgary (2)

Copenhagen, Denmark

This city is considered to be absolutely clean according to the world standards. Nevertheless, the city government took additional measures to better waste circulation by implementing new recycling standards and procedures. The capital of Denmark differs with clean air. What is more, Copenhagen is ready to demonstrate the number of positive ecology ideas, like, for example, making city the most comfortable place for cycling in the world.

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is a capital of the South Australia. It was named the best city to live according to the Mercer Consulting and Economist Magazine. The life quality is high. The city plan includes building of a lot of park zones, green alleys. The British topographer William Light projected Adelaide in 1837 to be compact and friendly city from one side and green living place form the other side.

Splash of Orange

Wellington, New Zeeland

Wellington population is 200 000 of citizens. It is not a big territory as the rest of eco-friendly cities. Nevertheless, the city looks bigger and more impressive because of its art galleries, wine bars, interesting nightlife and city events. All these facts make the city comparable with such metropolises as Hong Kong and San Francisco. The geographical location of Wellington makes the city air clean and fresh. What else? You can add natural environment, green parks, clean streets – this is the big part of the local culture.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe is another clean city in the USA. This is the city of art and cinema festivals. You can see the interesting sculptures made of recycled materials. The volunteers’ day to clean the streets goes every week. The most of the city interesting buildings and territories are kept clean. For example, Santa Fe Plaza – popular trade area is kept clean in frame of the big city cleaning project. This project helps city to look perfectly new and clean in spite of hundreds and hundreds years.

Santa Fe was apprised by the American Association of Pulmonologists as the best clean air about the containing of ozone. It is all because of city comfortable location and city government. You cannot find big industrial enterprises in the city and around it. The laws of New Mexico are strict about the control of the air pollution.

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The Waikiki popular beach and the center of Honolulu are still kept in a good order, in spite of high traffic. The Waikiki Cleaning Association takes cleaning measures every week to clean the territory of the popular beach. What is more, Honolulu takes favorable geographical position. Thus, the islands are free from the big industrial objects to guarantee fresh and clean air. The ocean winds take air pollutions from the local hotels and transport far from the city. The heavy rains help to provide perfectly clean and pleasant atmosphere. So, breathe deep and stay health!