There are plenty of services spread throughout the world that provide reverse cell phone lookup service. Some of those are pretty reputed, some are not and the decision to choose anyone from them is not always an easy one to make. So, what’s the way out? Which service should you choose to identify the person behind all the mysterious calls that you get? Well, there are many of these reverse cell phone lookup services and then there is Cell Revealer. Wonder what makes CellRevealer so special? Please read on.

It’s Free

Well, CellRevealer is not entirely free, however, for a simple phone number search, you don’t need to pay any money. For any normal user, a few number searches in a day is more than enough and for that CellRevealer asks for no money. However, if you are in need of some advanced information, such as the national identification number of the caller, you should opt for the premium service. Also, if you wish to have unlimited reverse phone lookups in a day, you need to pay for the premium service. However, this is not applicable to a regular user who just wants to know who the person behind the prank calls is.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup With CellRevealer

You can also save the searches that you make – however for this, you will need to register for an account. The account is free to make, so no worries about that. You can even receive email alerts and all the updates on CellRevealer service if you wish to opt for the same through your account.

The Results are Pretty Accurate

This is a problem which you will often find with the reverse cell phone lookup service providers. They provide you with information, but those are not really correct. Sometimes, you may even get messages like the phone number is not present in the database or something similar to that. This is bad as if the service provider has access to only a few phone numbers, it should not be giving cell phone lookup service at the first place.

Things are different with CellRevealer though, at least that’s what the users say. First of all, they have access to plenty of private databases unlike many of the other providers. Secondly, they can even track some of the blocked numbers if required. The information presented is pretty neat and there have hardly been any instances of presenting the users with false information.

Your Searches are Anonymous

CellRevealer keeps all the search related information private. Hence, even if you search a cellphone number through their website, the person having the number will never be notified of your search. This is great when the person is actually someone whom you know and he may not like the fact that you tried to lookup his number.

That’s not all! If someone reports to CellRevealer that a reverse phone number search done through their website has been misused, the site takes strong action as they never support cold marketing calls made to phone numbers based on the information found on their website.