Useful Tools For E-Commerce and Technology Aspects Of Your Small BusinessSince the advent of the Internet, business and business transactions haves become possible online. Many businesses are putting up online stores as it is less costly and at the same time more flexible. It also has numerous advantages such as the capability to be open 24/7. As advancements in technology continue, there are now e-commerce tools that can be optimized by businesses in their operations. On the other hand, technology is an aspect of the business that should not be neglected and must be given enough time when it comes to the tools that must be adopted. For small businesses, these aspects play a huge role in their operations. They should be very smart when deciding which tools to adopt. To help them out, below are the e-commerce and technology tools from which they can choose the ones that best suit them.

Offer Subscription with Recurly

Subscription for example to the newsletter of your business or its products is part of the services that you can offer. Ensuring that your loyal customers are subscribed to your newsletter keeps them updated and keeps them interested in your current and new products. Small businesses can optimize this strategy in their operation to improve its profitability. However, a few employees cannot do all this efficiently and successfully. Thus, it is necessary to adopt tools that can help them do so. One great example is the Recurly. The tool works by providing them simple solution to get recurring billing or subscription done.

Put Up an Online Shopping Cart with Shopify

The best thing about e-commerce is the limitless number of customers that a business can reach. This greatly increases their chance of improving profitability. Thus, it is a wise idea to put up an online store. Usually, online stores have online shopping carts where customers can place their orders and process transactions. Small businesses can put up an online shopping cart easily with the use of the Shopify tool. It works by allowing users to set up a customizable and fully hosted online shopping cart. The best thing about it is that it accepts all types of global currencies.

Monitor Mobile Device and Web Activity with MixPanel

Useful Tools For E-Commerce and Technology Aspects Of Your Small BusinessOne of the ways to monitor and check the efficiency of your employees is by analyzing their mobile device and web activities. In this way, you can have an idea of the activities they are doing and how much time they a lot for each task. To help you out on this, you can make use of the MixPanel tool. It is a premiere analytics service specifically designed for mobile and the web. It works by focusing on measuring specific actions and activities of the users. So, the tool can work for you as well. This gives you an idea on which actions and or activities to spend less time on.

Get Instant Feedback with UserTesting

Determining the effectiveness of your website is necessary as it would help you serve your customers better. Of course, this means improving your profitability, too. With this, you can optimize the UserTesting tool. It works by giving you immediate and in-depth feedback about how customers experience your website. The feedbacks come straight from the real users who are your customers. The tool has features such as the video which users can use to express their experience. With the tool, written answers can be provided to different questions.

These are the e-commerce and technology tools that can be optimized in your small business. You don’t have to use all them. You just need to choose the ones that exactly address your business needs.