Sending your child to school for the first time can be a nerve wracking process for a lot of parents. Adjusting to new surroundings, making friends with people his or her age and having a good rapport with the teachers are something all parents desire and worry about. However, sometimes children can take some time to open up properly and have interactions with their classmates or teachers and this should not be any cause for worry. To help you better prepare for your child’s school days, here are a few tips you can implement to alleviate your stress and ensuring a healthy environment for your kids!

Preparing Your Child For School


The first important thing that every parent should do is to be involved in the schooling process almost as much your child is. You can start off by attending the orientation sessions which will educate you about how the school functions and works with its students. This can help you understand what all the school will be doing on their part and what is needed from your side back at home. Top schools of Delhi and other major cities promote a healthy parent and student relationship nowadays, which makes the child’s development that much easier.

Regular Interaction

Having a regular conversation with your child every time he comes back from school can be a brilliant way of monitoring his mentality and comfort level. Most children initially want to share their experiences in school with their parents before they become comfortable with their classmates or friends. So make use of that time because it will give you an insight on whether they have settled in properly or not.

Behavioral Understanding

Sometimes, children may not be happy in the way school is conducted as a lot of students maybe getting an unbiased opinion about themselves from teachers from the first time. If there any kinds of change in your child’s behavior or if he or she is troubled by something that happened in school, have patience. Making them understand that you are on their side is very important, which helps them being calmer and more accepting of understanding problems if they are at fault. Irritation or frustration with them might just push them away and make them feel like they are not heard.


A lot of CBSE and ICSE board schools in Delhi and other major cities of India promote extra curricular activities for two reasons. While the first is to have an active lifestyle and mindset which includes physical and social interaction, the other is to have a healthy balance between education and creativity. Encourage your child to try out for sports, music, theater or other such activities as it can help them grow their talents and also have a place where they do not feel bogged down by education and homework!