Computer-aided design, or CAD as it is commonly known, usage is in full swing. Having moved from the realms of the potential into genuine real-world benefits, it has an incredible array of uses. From industrial design to dentistry, CAD is changing the way we conceive, design and construct.

How CAD Works

There are a number of different CAD programmes on the market, including Autodesk Inventor, Cobalt and Form-Z. These programmes can take a great deal of time to master and understand as far as the nuances and design details that allow you to create usable products.

A designer will use the programme to create a product and it will be saved in the programme as data files, stored as 2D, 3D drawings and 3D modelling. Each major programme has its own native file format, which when working with others using the same programme is not a problem.

What Is Translation Software and Why It Can Work For You?

However, things start to get complicated when working with designers and manufacturers working outside the company, independently or simply using a different CAD programme. Because each CAD programme can cost a small fortune and take so much time to master, this is increasingly an issue for CAD designers.

TransMagic translation software

This is where translation software, like that created by TransMagic, comes into play. Attempting to open one CAD file in another format usually results in translation errors but by using stand alone TransMagic translation software you can be sure you are eliminating errors when switching between CAD programmes and files. The TransMagic ‘auto repair wizard’ corrects all flaws when translating the files and is available for many different CAD programmes.

How this can benefit you

What this means is that suddenly an expert in one form of CAD design programme is instantly an expert in many other programmes too, without the need for hours of painstaking learning. It means that you can leverage your CAD data investment many times over, with ease and confidence.

TransMagic’s multi-CAD interoperability software is easy to use and allows the seamless transfer of data between file types in multiple software environments. With a number of products in the range to suit all needs, including CAD to CAD conversion, CAD to polygonal formats, as well as comparison and validation software, whatever your company’s CAD needs, TransMagic has them covered.

So, to instantly expand and broaden your CAD operability, TransMagic translation software can really work for you.