There is more to a Croatian vacation than just the beaches. The remarkable city of Trogir is at your disposal and from here you can be able to visit different places during your stay here. In this article, you will learn different reasons as to why you should visit Trogir.

It has a wide range of historic, cultural and monumental as well as natural beauties for you to discover. Its inhabitants are also very friendly and the weather is sunny most the year.

The city of Trogir has everything that you could possibly need during a vacation. It’s a well-protected city. It is protected by medieval walls and beautiful cathedrals. Moreover, you will enjoy dining out. In simple words, this is an adorable city. The following are 5 reasons as to why you should visit Trogir.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Trogir

Museum of Sacred Art

The museum of sacred art Trogir is a must visit. This museum was founded in the 18th C. It is located in the parish house of Romanesque. The museum is famous for its collection of Venetian and Dalmatian religious art. The most significant articles in the museum are various paintings and manuscripts.

Sea Sailing

Trogir is Croatia’s sailing paradise. If you do not like public boat excursions, you can easily rent a private boat and go sailing. Here, it is easy to hire a private yacht or boat and go sailing to discover the different beauties of the island.

The most visited islands here are the Blue cave and Havr islands. The islands have exquisite natural beautiful spots for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Trogir


Trogir has numerous restaurants where you can drink, eat and unwind. The restaurants are well known for their local cuisines which are fish based. These local cuisines are exclusive to Trogir city alone.

By taking advantage of their culinary feasts, you can eat and drink to your fill. Besides their local cuisine, you can also drink high quality coffee in the street restaurants as you enjoy the beauty of the city.

Historical Architecture

Trogir is famous the world over for its historical architectural buildings which have earned it the world-class heritage status. The most popular collections are the Romanesque and Renaissance architectures which were built during the Venetian rule.

Besides that, you can also pay the cathedral such as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence a visit. This cathedral was built in the 14th C. You can climb to the roof of the cathedral and have a clear view of the cathedral.

That is not all, you can also visit the first Renaissance architectural building that was established in 1468 – the chapel of St. John.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Trogir

Pantan Beach

Just like the other parts of the country, Trogir has beautiful and clean beaches that are ideal for all age sets. One of the best beaches near the city is Pentan beach. The beach is found at the mouth of river Pantan. The beach has shallow waters where the children can swim and the rarest sunbathing sand area.

Moreover, there are restaurants near the beach where you can grab drinks and food. The restaurants have ice-cream as well. You can access the beach via public transport means or by private means.


Trogir has many nice places where you can spend the night. There are private apartments, hostels and hotels. The city is only 10 minutes drive from Split International airport. It is an ideal tourist destination to relax during the summer. Trogir is definitely one of the great reasons why you should take a Croatia vacation.