What makes a holiday trip awesome? Well, that is a difficult thing to figure out if you have never been bitten by the wanderlust. But, if that incessant yearning to go places and explore more and more all around the world has got the better of you, you certainly know the answer. For all those who burn with a passion to travel every time they can squeeze a vacation out of their busy life, Goa is one of those destinations that often fits the description of a thoroughly exciting place. In order to explore this picturesque place. you can either pick from a number of Goa packages or just pack your travel gear and board a bus, train, or flight to this destination like a true gypsy. Goa packages are better suited for those who wish to spend a good vacation, but have limited time on their hands. Packages on Goa range from 2 days to 5 days usually and hence you can make the most of your time, without having to look for places of accommodation and other such worries. A complete package includes your round trip flight tickets, hotel bookings, pick-and-drop airport taxi facility, etc. You can even further ask the concierge services at the hotel to arrange for your traveling to various parts. Although, this particularly is not quite needed in Goa, since you can easily rent a scooter or motor bike and go exploring the places all by yourself, which indeed is more fun. A Lonely Planet Guide to Goa would come handy if you want to check out all the popular places and beaches around here. Grab a copy in any Goan bookstore or you can just carry one with your baggage.

Once you arrive in Goa, what you would see is quite opposite of what you are used to. The buildings and houses have a mark of the old Portuguese era and hence it does not feel like you are at some part of India that is familiar to you. Unlike the other parts of the country, Goa is an amazing haven in terms of lifestyle. You would soon encounter the fact that unlike the busy and rushed daily chores of metropolitan cities of India, the atmosphere in Goa is much relaxed and people enjoy this laid-back, pleasant way of life. Nobody is going to honk behind your wheels, you do not have to wait for hours in a long traffic queue to commute from one place to another, and so on. The Goans believe in this relaxed and enjoyable pace of living. This is the main secret of the place that Goa is.

Goa - The Ultimate Destination For An Awesome Holiday Trip

The Goan cuisine is delicious and the beaches are just amazing. Sparkling water, sunbathing people, swaying palms — what more you could wish for in order to refresh yourself. As the sun sets and the evening kicks in, the music sets in and the parties begin. For the young and the old alike, Goa is the place to be at. Whether it is the Anjuna Beach or the Baga Beach, everywhere you would experience a different kind of ambience. Beaches in South Goa are quieter than those in North Goa. It is up to you what do you like more on a vacation – the quiet or the fun.

Goa is well-connected to train routes and after flights, trains are the most preferred modes of travel. For example, if you are coming from Delhi, you can save time and take the flight to Goa and once you have spent most of your time enjoying, just book a Goa to Delhi train and arrive at ease. This would manage your time and budget, both.