Anyone that tries to sit for long hours while hunting or at a sporting event when the temperatures are frigid, understands the frustration of getting cold feet, but have you heard of Insulated boot covers?

There are some really incredible insulated boot covers on the market that do a great job of keeping the cold from getting to your feet. When the temperatures drop below freezing and you need to keep the feet warm, get yourself a pair of insulated boot covers similar to It’s a great product with features that certainly will help keep your long sit – in cold temperatures- more enjoyable.

Keep Your Feet Protected From Ice Cold Temperatures

The Amazing Features of Insulated Boot Covers are as Follows:

  • Lightweight boot covers that have added protection from extreme cold temperatures
  • Made with high quality materials that help maintain the warmth your feet require
  • Can easily slip them over the largest hunting boot.
  • Thin and lightweight, they can be easily carried to and from deer stand or where ever you go.

The boot covers are made using a technology which utilizes your own body heat to keep you warm. This can be accomplished with the use of a very unique type of reflecting material that can reflect up to 90 percent of the heat from your feet back into the insulated boot cover.

The model also has pockets located inside the boot covers, that hand warmers can be placed into for the warmest toes ever.

When is the Best Time to Put on these Boot Covers?

These are not meant to be used for walking in, only stationary sitting. So as soon as you get to your destination, remove as much snow and mud from your boots and then put on. If you wait till your feet are starting to get cold, there will be no heat left to warm the inside up. Then all you are doing is helping to keep the cold inside the boot insulators.

When you purchase a pair of the boot insulators, make sure it’s from a manufacturer that uses the highest quality materials. This will ensure your feet stay nice and warm on that next outing when temperatures are sure to play havoc with your feet.