The education sector is expanding widely due to which, Emergence of some gaps in the system has been observed. Considering these gaps, a place for part-time teaching faculty has been created. Part time teachers may not earn as well as their full time counterparts, but they do enjoy the flexible working hours and less hassle of the responsibilities bestowed on them. Qualification requirement varies with the type of part-time teaching job you wanted to pursue. Following are few options for professionals in the education sector who wanted to earn some extra bucks.


Tutoring is one of the best part time jobs anyone can hope for. When I was studying for my master’s degree, I did such kind of tutoring activities to earn some bucks for fulfilling my passion for music. Tutoring job involves services to assist students, regardless of age, subject, or level of education. It may involve assistance on a certain project or a specific assignment. Special degree is not that necessary but skill matters in the subject area you are dealing with. However, you need to pass a standardized exam to get hired for tutoring positions structured at high school or universities to get assistance for their students.

Part Time Jobs In Education Sector

Substitute Academic Staff:

Substitute staff is the staff on standby in case of unavailability of permanent staff. Requirement of qualification fluctuates with the post they are applying for. Normally they are required to complete at least sixty hours of coursework in any ascribed institute is enough. A teacher with a bachelor’s degree from any reputed institute is preferred though. Majority institute do not conditioned the recruitment with a teaching certificate, but having one present you as a trained educationist and give you an extra edge in the recruitment process. However, in colleges, master’s degree along with a teaching certificate is preferred. If you are looking for a long term hiring commitment as a substitute teacher, then a master’s degree in the subject field is must with an approved teaching experience.

Part-time Teaching Jobs at Elementary and Secondary Level:

Part time teachers have a lot of job opportunities in elementary and secondary level. One such job opening is of sports teacher or what we pronounced as athletic coaches. For the job of sports teacher, a sports certificate is required along with a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, as majority institutes create a heavy number of seats in each class so it become difficult to handle such a huge strength of students along with the lecture; therefore, different institutes hire teachers to assist the educator  in managing such a huge class strength. Required qualification of such teachers is having at least sixty hours of coursework from a certified institute. Other such requirements of part time teachers also emerge on elementary and high school level.

Assistant Professor in Colleges:

Assistant professor job in a college is another opportunities for part time job seekers. Although these hiring’s are made on a temporary basis, but they open venues for a bright career path and are not less demanding in the qualification requirement than any other job vacancy. Almost all the institutes follow the same criteria of hiring an assistant professor. They require minim of master’s degree in the particular subject they are hired for. Some colleges prefer candidates with an ongoing Doctor degree in the subject field. Having previous teaching experienced will certainly give you some extra points in the hiring process.