Oracle certifications are highly reputed across the world and are held in high regard. More than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software which makes the organization highly valuable and significant.

Moreover, Oracle certified professionals are some of the highest paid IT professionals in the world making Oracle certifications a lucrative option to consider. While certifications certainly add value to your professional career, they need to be revived through recertification from time to time or by undertaking further higher level certifications.

Oracle certifications are available in 5 levels namely:

  • Oracle Certified Professionals

  • Oracle Certified Master

  • Oracle Certified Master program

  • Oracle Certified Specialist

The Oracle 11g RAC Implementation Specialist Certification is one of the highly demanded Oracle certifications from the Certified Expert Programs group.

  • Oracle Certified Associate

Oracle 11g RAC Essentials Certification: An Overview?

Oracle 11g RAC Certification

The Oracle 11g RAC Implementation Specialist Certification is aimed at individuals who posses experience and strong technical knowledge in the implementation of Oracle RAC 11g. The exam covers a number of topics including:

  • Planning installation of cluster

  • Preparing cluster servers

  • Administrator environment

  • Storage

  • Installation network and directories

  • Installation of Oracle Clusterware 11g

  • Installing RAC within the Oracle Database 11g

  • Using Server Control utility

  • Using Cluster Ware Control

  • Using the Interface Configuration tool

  • Using Cluster Registry Configuration

  • OCRDUMP and OCRCHECK utilities

  • Using the ASM Configuration Assistant

  • Using the ASM Command tool

  • Overview of Oracle RAC and Grid Infrastructure

  • Using the Cluster Health Monitor

The Oracle 11g RAC Implementation Specialist Certification distinguishes candidates in the industry’s market by providing proven, competitive edge expertise.


The Oracle 11g RAC Implementation Specialist Certification is available to applicants who have considerable experience working in Oracle 11g RAC Implementation. This is a specialist certification and qualifying this certification will endow candidates with the title of Oracle RAC Implementation specialists.

Essentially, the Oracle 11g RAC Implementation Specialist Certification is geared towards the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) members.

To ensure that the Oracle 11g RAC certification benefits candidates the best way, Oracle recommends ample prior experience in the field as well as thorough training.

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