Intel has been the most popular and reputed processor manufacturer around the world. You have hardly heard about any other company to give any kind of competition to Intel. They know the need of their customers as well as the business in making. They have been making progress in this field rapidly with several ground braking advance technologies. Now they have introduced another monster of its kind Intel core 17-4790k processor. The new processor will certainly provide enough reasons to rejoice for Overclockers. They have been hopeful for years that the canyon processor of Intel will arrive soon and now it has been launched.

It is the most advanced processor among Intels 4th generation processors. It also contains the Haswell architecture in it. All these new improved processors will come with an advanced packaging called NGPTIM. This new baby has been upgraded with improved cores so that it can accommodate more capacitors. These capacitors are included just to make sure that this processor provides smoother performance in terms of power delivery. Even the Haswell structure has been modified a bit in this processor. Previously, Intel processors tend to get hotter sooner than others, but with more capacitors included in this Intel core 17-4790k processor at this moment as per experts this can be the most efficient processor ever presented by Intel.

The avid gamers are looking for this new processor with a lot of hope to get more efficient performance while gaming. The popularity of this new monster is getting high. The detail technical specifications of Intel core 17-4790k processor will prove that a substantial amount of engineering modifications has been made by Intel in this new processor. The base clock of this processor is also in the higher side. The new upgraded most efficient Intel processor is now available at almost same price as its predecessor.