Talent Management is the new, evolved, tech savvy face of people management in an organization and as such, it is increasingly becoming a technology oriented function that the Talent Management department of modern businesses cannot afford to ignore. Talent Management practitioners across the world today are waking up to the fact that the modern enterprise needs to rely on Employee Relations technology platforms for maintaining and managing employees in the organization. . What does the future hold, for such Talent Management practitioners?

HR’s New CRM- Say Hello To ERM

Firstly, the trends point out to the biggest and most progressive employers in the world laying a rapidly increasing emphasis in professional certifications for their Talent Managers. The Global certification industry is expanding rapidly as well, riding on the wave of this sudden surge in demand.

However, there are several factors that come into play. The Credentialing ecosystems, for one, require adequate expertise in technology to provide beneficiaries with the right knowledge and tools. An adequate global credentialing ecosystem will ideally provide those getting certified with the expertise in technology based Employee relationship management platforms, not to mention significant education and knowledge enhancements in the latest industry best practices, systems designs and professional frameworks.

There is absolutely no questioning that ERM technology platforms improve efficiency in Talent Management systems, and that Talent Management professionals can, provide all employees across the organization with transparency, improved and more reliable data management, not to mention that as a natural result, productivity and employee satisfaction are drastically improved.

Even the widely pervasive social media platforms provide for a  great way of maintaining employee relationships. While most professionals are advised to provide more prominence to their business certifications or professional certifications in these platforms, HR also tracks the profiles of new hires and their own employees very carefully. What matters eventually, of course, is the environment of team spirit and work culture that the organization can develop. With Employee relationship management that even stretches across social media platforms, it becomes more likely for an organization to enhance their position as organizational leaders. The global certification industry also has a major role to play in this phenomenon, led by the different global credentialing ecosystems that provide cutting edge expertise validation for talent management professional, empowering them to move to new grounds.

Lastly, one of the most recent and prominent phenomenon that the world of talent management is seeing presently is that of the computerization of talent management processes and real time feedback of every member of the organization. With employee relations management platforms, every function of talent management shifts to real-time. From feedback about the hiring process even as it happens, to operational goal setting and revision of key responsibilities of every employee on-the-fly, the benefits are numerous. When you imagine how this can be combined with the social media lives of employees, the results are manifold and help in building up the entire Employer Brand Value Proposition that eventually achieves the goal of attracting and retaining the best talent in the market.