You may not be a good salesperson but you must know how to sell your skills if you desire a good job. And, to be able to sell your skills well, you need to prepare well. Much has been spoken and written about what how to prepare for an IT interview and there’s a whole list of things that one can come up with, including us. However, in this article we’ve spoken about the most important focus areas in the preparation of an IT interview.

These are also areas that are often neglected, despite the repeated mentions about how important they can be for cracking an interview. So with this article, we hope that these areas will be given the due importance when you prepare for the next IT interview.

What To Focus On When Preparing For An IT Interview?

Focus areas when preparing for an IT Interview

  • Resume – The biggest weapon for cracking an interview is the resume and a well made resume is half the battle won. You may have a lot of experience and knowledge that’s relevant to the job role you’re applying for, but if you aren’t able to present it well, it may put you in a disadvantageous position. While there are many formats of resumes that work and a many sections to include in a resume, there are some things that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. They include:

    • Typos – This is a huge put off for the interviewer and one of the common reasons to reject the candidate in the first round itself. It is an indicator of discipline and therefore should be given due importance.

    • Accuracy – Furnishing accurate information reflects the integrity pf an individual. Steer clear of fabricating information to show project yourself more than you are as interview takers are smart enough to trap such areas with their tricky questions eventually leading to being blacklisted.

    • Presentation – Learn about what kinds of information an interviewr looks for in a resume and try to have them presented in the first few pages. He wouldn’t quite like if he had to dig into the document to find what he’s looking for. Also ensure that the resume is simple to read and steer clear of complex formats.

  • The dicey questions – There are two questions that every IT professional needs to prepare answers to. They include:

    • What are your weaknesses and strengths?

    • Why are you leaving your present company?

These questions may be cliched, but they give you a chance to present your story and what you want interviewers to know about you. Hence, prepare answers for them carefully.

  • The Attire – While your knowledge and experience certainly has a overbearing power over any other factor that’s taken into consideration in an interview, presenting yourself well dressed has its own benefits. Wearing crisp formals, polished shoes and keeping a maintained stub (for men) creates a positive impact on the interviewer’s mind as he’s able to envision you for the role in a better way.

These are some important focus areas for you to prepare before you head for your IT interview. Make sure you work on them. Good luck!

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