SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the foundation of any internet marketing campaign. SEO is the best way to get your company on the web but this can be the best, only when you achieve the higher ranking on search results. To maintain the ranking of your website, you need to stay updated of recent developments in SEO industry. Those who do not follow the updated trends are left behind in the search engine result pages. SEO service providers must be aware about the every change in SEO process. Those who have lost their ranking due to Panda and Penguin updates can imagine the importance of not following the updated trends for SEO.

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Here are some of the latest trends that will keep your website up in the search results:

1. Algorithm updates: Google is improving its algorithm continuously which affects PR of your website badly, if you don’t improve it. It will not only affect the core concept of unique and quality contents, but will also calculate Authorship element.
2. Page rank: Page rank has been the basic attraction for all website owners, but new developments are going to add something important. It is the author rank. It means that the quality of the content will now be judged by the individual who has written it and will not be judged by the domain or webpage. Google will grade the authors for their contents quality, which will decide the ranking of your website. This author rank will determines the value of author content and adds credibility to websites
3. Mobile Response: Due to the increase in search on mobile, site owners must transit to mobile friendly pages and the businesses which are without sites must establish their internet presence.
4. Quality of content: Low quality content with high volume will no longer be considered on Google. Therefore the content should be of high quality. Here high quality content means: rich information, unique content, internal link structure within content, quality outbound link choices and social signals.
5. Localization: In 2013, businesses are encouraged to apply the following SEO features like: citations, map data, listings and reviews. These features will improve search engine rankings and visibility of the website.
6. Social signals: Social signals impacts SEO efforts by sending high quality traffic to the websites. The webmasters in 2013 must covet Shares, mentions, retweets and +1s.

All of the above SEO services are updated and must be adopted if business wants to maintain its ranking on internet.

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