Wholesale bags are a firm favorite among the UK’s flash pack of celebrities. Although you might find it hard to believe not all Hollywood stars boast designer handbags worth thousands of pounds, but rather opt for a more sensible day to day option – the cheap wholesale handbags. Most style led individuals appreciate design and they are not so interested in the brand. Of course there are situations where fashion handbags worn by the stars can cost upwards of £5000 but many is not most stars prefer something more tasteful and modest.

We have taken a glance at the stars from overseas and have seen what women handbags they chose to wear. In an overview of the current celebrity led fashion forcast we have noticed a few trends in terms of wholesale handbags UK. Most celebrities prefer shoulder bags, oversized women handbags, tiny bags, clutches, envelope bags, leather bags and bags decorated with artificial fur.

Afef by Fontana Milano 1915

Beautiful actress Sofia Vergara fell in love with her bag Afef by Fontana Milano 1915. True to say Sofia is not the only star who has an obsession with this model of designer handbags. An original one costs around 1,500 pounds, but stylists say that the design is classic and you can find similar models of cheap handbags UK at Acess.co.uk.

Small Duffle Wholesale Bags

Blake Lively is one of the young fashionistas in Hollywood so each pap documented outing is analysed down to the smallest detail. This time we ignore her super cute outfits and we will focus on her favorite fashion handbags. She is often seen with a Phillip Lim roomy bag in neon yellow. You can find a lot of similar wholesale handbags UK at Acess.co.uk.

Spotted : Cheap Wholeasale Handbags From Acess As Worn By CelebritiesSchoolgirl Cheap Handbags

Vanessa Hudgens received a lot of praise for her bag in schoolgirl style. This summer boxy purses with many buckles are on trend. If you want to be on trend like Vanessa you can search for designer handbags UK in the Acess.co.uk online store.

Spotted : Cheap Wholeasale Handbags From Acess As Worn By CelebritiesDoctor Wholesale Fashion Bags

Spotted : Cheap Wholeasale Handbags From Acess As Worn By CelebritiesThe doctor bag has been trendy since last autumn and promises to remain the top choice of stylists this year too. Rachel Zoe, one of the most famous stylist’s in Hollywood knows exactly which trends to invest in this season. Rachel proudly wears a Givenchy Antigona. She team’s her bag with casual summer attire and the simplicity of her fashion choices are praised by all.

Mini Bag

Spotted : Cheap Wholeasale Handbags From Acess As Worn By CelebritiesIf you do not like to wear a large bag you can choose mini wholesale handbags UK. Keira Knightley is one such celebrity who believe’s that the best things in life come in little packages, she prefers to wear small bags which are more convenient. This fall small fashion handbags UK are in great demand they are ideal for an evening with friends in club or restaurant and for when you do not need more than house keys, card, phone and lipstick.

Oversized Leather Cheap Handbags

Spotted : Cheap Wholeasale Handbags From Acess As Worn By CelebritiesLeather fashion handbags UK are never old fashioned designers always find inventive ways to reinvent them. This summer oversized leather bags are on trend. You can choose designer handbags UK similar to the one worn by actress Miley Cyrus. Metal details are a must have they provide originality to the cheap handbags UK of your choice.