Valentine’s day remains one of the most celebrated days of the year. Lovers across the world welcome this day with much enthusiasm and couples have gone to great lengths to celebrate this day in style. No wonder many look forward to this day with great excitement; looking forward to receiving gifts from their loved ones. From chocolates to red roses, the list of gifts is endless. However, many a times men have been sidelined in this much celebrated day; so ladies this time let’s make it extra special for him. Here are a variety of adventure gifts for him this Valentine’s Day.

Get Ready For Valentine’s Day - Man Gifts

  • Mountain Climbing
    From complex caves and mountain elephants, to lush vegetation and spectacular views, a journey to the mountains offers a wealth of attractions. This remains to be one of the most adrenaline rushing experiences. The mountain area offers trails that range from easy strolls to treks that are best attempted only by fit and experienced hikers. There are also challenging rock faces that will test the will power of the most experience climber.Driving on rocky dirt roads with thorny trees is an experience not to mention the chilling weather as you advance higher to the mountain top. However, there is a disclaimer; it’s important to ensure that the mountain is not volcanic and that there have not been recent volcanic eruptions in the recent past. All in all, mountain climbing will lift your spirits and leave you thoroughly impressed.
  • Water Skiing
    Skiing in the warm, calm and serene waters is an exciting experience. The beauty about water skiing is that it offers exhilarating scenery and the splash of water across your body as you ski feels delicious. Treat your man to an experience of a lifetime.
  • Snorkeling
    The sea is a work of art; a master piece to be explored. Marine life is definitely one of the most unappreciated forms of nature. This valentine, you and your man should get up close and personal with the underwater world in the best way possible: Snorkeling. The thrill is in savoring the beauty of the fish up close as they brush against you swimming in all directions. Deep below one gets a beautiful view of multi-colored, many-faceted corals and seaweed, and a host of other marine life. Their vibrant colors and movement bring to life the whole place in an unimaginable way.
  • Camping in the wild
    You are a “die hard” romantic and you know how to impress your man. Waking up at dawn and snuggling under feathery duvets against the dawn chill is the ultimate combination of intimacy and abandonment that you only experience under canvas in the wild, while camping with your loved one.
  • Bungee Jumping
    This adrenaline rushing experience is not for the faint-hearted to say the least. It is designed to test the mettle of the daring of them all. It involves jumping from a support structure while tethered to an elastic rope which is well fastened to the support structure. This structure can be a crane, a building or a permanent or makeshift bridge. The thrill is in the downward spiral free fall, as the elastic rope stretches and recoils to support you.
  • Quad Biking Adventure
    This is an exciting activity that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the natural scenery while testing your courage at the same time. Quad bikes are four-wheeled bikes that are designed to ride in the rough terrain at breakneck speed thus giving you the thrilling experience that your man might be thirsting for.Get Ready For Valentine’s Day - Man Gifts
  • Flying lessons
    If your man is a flying enthusiast, then this is the ultimate gift for him on this Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is organize with a flying instructor on how to go about giving him the surprise of the year. He will surely love you for this.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
    This is a thrilling activity that involves flying in a hot air balloon. If your man loves adrenaline kicking activities, then you are spot on.
  • Shooting gun activity
    Taking him to a shooting gun range will be an experience for him especially if he loves action-packed activities.

Ladies, this Valentine’s Day, going out of your way to treat your man will surely be a rewarding experience, not to mention exciting.

Image source: Experience Gifts for Couples by Gits Direct