In today’s world nothing seems impossible. With the internet there are so many new and interesting ways you can make money online. Here are a few new age ways people are using to make a little extra cash.


When you think about making money online people automatically think about having an e-commerce store. The truth is that you don’t need to do that to make an income online. Many people like to read reviews before buying something and you can make a commission just by recommending a business or service your like. It takes time to build up a audience for your blog but once you do you can be making money daily just by recommending something you believe in.

Modern Ways To Make Money Online

Selling Used Panties

It may seem strange to here this but many people, mainly girls, make money by selling their used underwear. There is a huge used panties market online and lots of men want to buy used panties from girls that they find attractive. When you think about it, there probably has been an occasion where a lover has kept on to your panties as a way to remember a sexual encounter. So buying used panties is nothing more than satisfying the same feeling but where the buyer is not in a relationship. This trend is so popular that there are many websites dedicated to selling and buying used panties.

Eating Live

A trend that started in Korea this entails you eating and talking to strangers. People and stream you live while you’re having your dinner. It came about as a way for people to feel less alone while having dinner and has blow up to something huge where dedicated sites have been made just for this market. Think Youtube but just for food streaming. Many successful bloggers have even quit their day job to do this full time.

Modern Ways To Make Money Online

Sex Toy Bloggers

With so many toys out there, how do you know what’s good and what is bad? Feel too uncomfortable to walk into a store and ask a sales rep? Or feel like every toy is good as long as they make a sale? Just like technology blogs recommending new cameras and laptops. Sex toy bloggers make a living from recommending new sex toys. They cover the design, usability, and power. Discussing how it makes them feel. Giving the reader something to compare to before buying. Which area has definite potential because sex toys are just not something your can return after you’ve test drive!

Those are just a few ways to make money online in this weird and wonderful world. The internet really is an infinite opportunity! All you have to do is a bit of research and hey, maybe you’ll be the next Twitter or Snap chat!