Girls start preparing months before their marriage and to get a glowing skin is their primary focus. They get the picture perfect hourglass shape as well as glowing skin after gyming, dieting, taking spas and refraining from their favourite foods. But what happens after marriage, the hectic schedule of meeting a lot of guests, visiting their homes and food binges make all the efforts go in vain.

Experts suggest these 5 tips to regain nuptial glow in no time. Just stick to the tips and use branded products to prevent skin from harmful effects. Among a lot of guests and hectic schedules of attending festivities you might not get time to visit market but online shopping is also a good option to buy beauty products. You get the products delivered at home and you also get the opportunity to save some money using Amazon India coupons for buying beauty products online.

Detoxing the Body

Getting your body rid of toxins is the first tip. Heavy and oily food makes your digestive system sluggish and the effects reflect on your face. The skin becomes dry, dull or spotty. Drink a lot of water as well as add fruits such as such as watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries and peaches in your diet to keep your body hydrated. Also, add fruits, nuts, sprouts, legumes, broccoli, and beetroot in your diet along with taking a vegetable juice daily to increase fibre intake.
5 Tips To Regain Nuptial Glow In No Time

Skin Care

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin well as ‘CTM’ is the must applied formula to recapture the bridal glow. Use a night cream having Vitamin C in it which helps skin in renewing cells, restoring the elasticity and boosting the collagen. Also, refrain from applying loads of make-up. Give your tender skin the required love and care, which is utmost necessary to regain the nuptial glow.
5 Tips To Regain Nuptial Glow In No Time

Don’t ignore your Hair

De-stress and relax your body with rejuvenating hair spa which also retains the lost moisture in hair as well as enhances the texture. Cleanse your scalp with a gentle shampoo and then condition the hair to maintain its healthy state. Also, minimise or avoid using heated appliances on hair to get ready in a jiffy like the blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron.
5 Tips To Regain Nuptial Glow In No Time

Facial to Detox Skin

Give your skin a detoxification facial. You can use some ingredients added in facial creams like exotic marine extracts which ensure healthy skin, tea tree oil that contains antiseptic, antibacterial, and balsamic properties, mulberry extracts as a rich source of protein and nutrients along with antioxidants to reverse the ageing effects on the face. Such treatments would rejuvenate your face and bring the bridal glow back.
5 Tips To Regain Nuptial Glow In No Time


Take out few minutes from your busy schedule for exercise as well which helps to increase the blood supply. You can run, move, gym, dance or practice yoga to nourish cells with enough blood to keep them vital. It cleans the system inside your body and reflects your inner health on your face.
5 Tips To Regain Nuptial Glow In No Time

Regain and retain your nuptial glow using these tips. Along with focusing on exercise and diet using beauty products with right ingredients are also necessary. You can also resort on online shopping to find a detailed description of the products along with saving money using Flipkart coupons in India. Whether it’s your night cream, facial kit or shampoo, do see the reviews and descriptions of the product before buying to be a shrewd online shopper.