Everyday, we are bombarded with the media portrayal of the “ideal man” and “ideal woman”. It is perfectly human to want to fit the aesthetic norm for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re considering going under the knife and found yourself here. Whether you’re considering doing it for vanity, self-esteem, to get a better job, or medical reasons, this is an important decision with very real consequences. Below are three ways to solidify your decision about getting plastic surgery:

1) Wake up and smell the makeup: There are so many online tutorials these days that can replicate the effects of plastic surgery. For instance, those looking into rhinoplasty and getting the nose they’ve always wanted could be attainable through contouring the shape of your nose. One of my favorite online beauty gurus, Wayne Goss, did a video tutorial on how to contour different nose shapes.If you try this, you may just realize that the pinched look does not really suit your face, and end up saving a good chunk of change! Contouring and highlighting isn’t just about making your nose look smaller, it also helps achieve the most sought after oval face shape. Wide foreheads can be made to look smaller with the swipe of a contour powder and brush, cheekbones can me made to stand out, and chins can be chiseled to make them look more defined! Wide faces can be made to look narrower, and the best part is that it looks almost the same as getting the work done, only you are able to take it all off at the end of the day! Here’s a nice graphic on contouring and highlighting for different face shapes:

2) Learn from other people: The Internet is filled with people wanting to share their experiences from their plastic surgeries. A quick Google search of “plastic surgery testimonials” yield 5,840,000 results. Sure, contouring and highlighting is great for your face, but if you want something else like Botox or a tummy tuck, reading about experiences from other people can help influence your own. Take for example this article, where a woman wrote about 10 things she wished she knew before she got Botox. Please take these testimonials with a grain of salt because there have been cases of people being paid to write fake reviews for a plastic surgeon or company in exchange for a discounted plastic surgery procedure.

Should I Go Under The Knife

3) Keep your friends close, and plastic surgeon closer: Make it a point to read the surgeons bio, what other people are saying about him or her, reading their mission statements to make sure that they are who you want to transform your body! According to this :“All plastic surgery procedures must be performed with the same level of competency. My specialized training has prepared me to perform very intricate surgeries that require a high attention to detail.” These kinds of first impressions are important when looking for a prospective surgeon because it shows that they pride themselves not only on their work, but how they go about presenting it.

Remember, you are in charge up until the surgery. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable, it is perfectly acceptable to walk away. I hope that this article was helpful in making your decision a better one!