According to my opinion, no one can really hate music as it brings absolute solace to everyone listening to it! While a lot feared that arrival of smartphones in the market can turn the tables down and the interest towards music would fade away, I was damn sure that music will still prevail and even bigger than before. I know I’m right and today’s scenario reveals it clearly. The introduction of smartphones has improved the music experience of users and as a result you could hardly find any transistors, radios, walk-mans, tape recorders, or even iPods today. So, by now you’d have realized my affinity with music. Wish to know which app I prefer the most to cut and play the music which I love the most? Read on to get what fascinated me and why!

 Why I Chose Contus Trim and Tone Over All The Other Apps?

In fact, like others, I tried out different types of apps to cut and play the music I prefer the most. But nothing fascinated me a lot until I tried my hands on the Android app Trim and Tone developed by Contus, mobile application development company. As I was looking for a prefect app that can help me cut and play music effectively and efficiently, I found this app as the perfect choice as it was tailored to match my expectations.

Simple to use:

This was the factor that I found missing on other apps on Google Play. In fact, most of them were complicated to implement and use. But, the story with Trim and Tone was completely different as it was highly easy to deploy on my Android device. Besides, I found that it works well and fits to my music needs.

Cutting MP3 Music Down-to-earth:

While I found it difficult with most MP3 cutters as they’re quite tough for me to handle and cut different parts of music, Trim and Tone enabled to cut any part of MP3 music with ease and that too with simplicity. It has helped me a lot in the process of cutting and joining music of my choice with absolute ease.

 Why I Chose Contus Trim and Tone Over All The Other Apps?

Joining Music Effortless:

This cutter also allowed me to join music which I cut from any part of music file to perfection using which I was able to set up notification alarms, ringtones, or saving it on my favorites, etc. Besides, I loved the easy touch interface which helped me dragging the progress bar of any music between start and end point.

 Why I Chose Contus Trim and Tone Over All The Other Apps?

It was really a splendid experience and throughout the process I never confronted any difficulty. The app was quite awesome. Now, I not only listen to music and have cut and joined lots of MP3 files and have saved them as my favorite tones on the smartphone. As a music lover and constant follower of it, I just love this app and the features associated with it. With aplenty available with this app, my passion towards music is doubled amazingly. Do you love music? Try this one out and I bet you’ll exhilarate!