PC speaker repairing
PC speaker repairing

How do you like to spend your relax hours? Like the others, you may have the mood of listening to music and when you start up your computer for playing the DVD or CD, you find that no sound comes out from it. Isn’t this really irritating? Malfunctioning speakers is not a serious issue. You can easily fix it by checking some simple parts. Yearly remote computer repair plan also provide coverage for speaker problems.

Now, speaker problem can be due to bad speakers, sound card or as simple as with power cord. The speakers might not function in the proper manner, if your PC has faulty computer setup. The perfect way to verify whether the issue is with the speaker is by connecting the speakers with a different PC system. If it renders perfect audio quality, then the problem is certainly with your PC system.

Aren’t your speakers not working in another PC also? Follow the steps below to check the issue.

Troubleshooting Computer Speakers

Checking speaker connection

If the individual speakers are not properly connected to the woofer or at your CPU’s back, you are likely to have speaker problem. To verify the speaker’s connectivity, you should remove all the connections and reset them once again. In this process you should take note of the format in which the individual speakers are connected.

In case of portable speakers, all you have to do is remove the connectivity from your CPU’s back and again set it back.

Checking power connection

Power checking is the first thing that you should do when you are faced with the speaker issue. If the speakers are not correctly connected to power switch, they will not work the manner you wish them to. When you have set the connection to the power source properly, the lights of the speakers will glow. If you are unable to see the lights, pug back the power connectivity after removing it.

Checking Sound Card Functioning

The sound card can be the cause of audio problem in your PC system. When your sound card gets corrupted, there will be problem in sound emission. If you think that your sound card is not functioning properly, you can check it. You have to connect a different set of speakers with your computer system and see whether they are working. If not, then your sound card has become faulty. Don’t you have another set of speakers? Test it with headphones.

Checking the Volume Settings

This is common checkup that every PC user does in the first place whenever the speakers fail to function normally. When you play your CD in then system but cannot hear the music, you should go to Start, then All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment and finally to Volume Control. If it is in mute condition, uncheck the option. You have to set the speaker volume and computer volume to its optimum level.

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