When you start your martial arts journey, the first thing you are asked to do is to wear martial arts uniform. Wearing the uniform while training or while competing keeps you comfortable and enhances your commitment. It keeps you focused and you will be able to give your best. Uniforms for all martial arts are not the same. There are some differences in the uniforms for each and every martial art.

Judo Apparel

Judo apparel is called judo GI. It consists of pants, jacket and belt. Although judo apparel is usually white, they are also available in wide array of colors. Jacket and pants are of the same color. The color discrimination is useful in competitions to differentiate one competitor from another.

Judo pants should be loose enough to allow full range of motion. You should select the right size. The sizes are different from the sizes of your conventional pants. Judo belts are of nine different colors. The colors specify the levels. White is for the first level and it symbolizes the purity and the beginning level of the student. The last level students wear black belts that symbolize the deep knowledge of the student. You can find judo belts and jiu jitsu belts for sale in many sources if you browse the internet.

Jiu Jitsu Apparel

Jiu jitsu apparel is made with durable and thicker materials because they are often pulled and grabbed. Apparels made with thin materials will tear in no time. Some people think that they can wear Judo Gi for jiu jitsu.  If you are one among them you are making a mistake. Judo apparels have wide sleeves. It helps your opponent to grab your sleeves easily. The material should be thicker but they should not be heavy.

You should also consider the type of weaving, which included single weaving, double weaving, gold weaving etc. The approved colors of jiu jitsu apparel for competition are white, blue and black but the apparels are available in a lot of colors. Jiu jitsu belts of different colors. Like most of the martial arts when you progress to the next level your belt color is changed. When you move to the next level you can buy jiu jitsu belts online.

Taekwondo Apparel

Sparring gear plays an important role in Taekwondo apparel. You should select it with lots of care to make sure your hard earned money is not wasted. It includes chest protector, shin guards, foot protectors, arm protector, instep protector, head protector, hand protector, groin guards and mouth guard. You should also buy the right shoes. If you are practicing outdoors you should buy shoes with tough sole. Although, it is generally advised to practice Taekwondo in barefoot, wooden surfaces tend to hurt your feet.

Martial arts apparel should be of right size, right fit and right material. You can find the right apparel for all martial arts in Asian World of Martial Arts including jiu jitsu, karate, judo and Taekwondo etc. Attractive discounts are a big plus.